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   Chapter 1616 The Father Of The Victim (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6556

Updated: 2019-04-27 00:36

"Will she be all right, Tom?" Leena asked, a bit worried. This was just so Leena. She was such a kind girl. Though Louisa kept hurting her and wanted to take her husband away from her, Leena still couldn't help but worry about her. She never wished ill-fortune on anyone, even people who hurt her.

"Let's hope so. We'll have to wait for the result of the blood sample. There's nothing much we can do right now. I will order a transfusion as soon as we get the results," Tom said. He looked at Leena's saddened expression and added in a cheerful tone, "Man, I am starved. Let's eat first." Only at that moment did he remember what he was actually there for. He quickly opened the containers Kevin had brought earlier and started eating without waiting for them.

"Seriously? At least help me out first! She is grabbing me so tight!" Kevin glared at Tom annoyingly, as he tried to pull away from Louisa's grip.

Tom sighed. "Just take off your coat," he said, shaking his head at Kevin.

"Oh... Right. Why didn't I think of that?" Kevin quickly shrugged off his coat. He didn't want anything to do with Louisa and he didn't want to be close to her if he could help it. When he finally got out of her grab, he let out a big sigh.

"Because you are stupid. Come on, Leena. Let's eat. Don't mind Kevin," Tom joked. He had thought at first that Kevin was very smart. But after seeing him act silly so many times, he was not so sure anymore.

Kevin was too lazy to argue with Tom. He was tired from all this drama. When he got out of Louisa's tight grip, he immediately walked away from her. He didn't want her to clutch onto his shirt next. Then he had to end up stripping, one piece of cloth after another.

Louisa tightly grabbed onto Kevin's coat after he had taken it off. Her gaze was still unfocused and she still looked out of it. But her eyes followed Kevin wherever he went, even though she was not completely lucid. Maybe it was because she

the hotel to save his daughter, while he couldn't.

"We were indeed lucky this time. I have already handed over the suspect to Mr. Yi. I believe we will know more about the case soon," said Kevin. The one that the commander should have really thanked was, in fact, Leena. He had only gone to the Kate Hotel because Leena wanted to eat the food there.

"I will personally look into the case. We will definitely take down this trafficking group once and for all, before more people get hurt," the commander pledged. There was anger and grief in his voice. He really hadn't expected that something like this would happen to his daughter one day. He vowed to take down the whole group, not only for his daughter, but also for the people he had pledged to always protect.

"Of course. I will ask my soldiers to look into it too," Kevin said. It was clear that the commander was furious that his daughter was drugged and kidnapped. If he couldn't even protect his own daughter as a commander, how could he protect the people?

Meanwhile, the commander's wife held her daughter tightly in her arms, even as Louisa struggled to get out of her embrace. She patted Louisa's head and murmured soft words to her, trying to comfort her daughter. She was heartbroken after seeing her daughter in such a condition.

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