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   Chapter 1615 The Father Of The Victim (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5903

Updated: 2019-04-27 00:26

"Kevin, I believe you. I was just kidding. Well, you threatened to limit my personal freedom first. So, we're even now." She knew Kevin better than anyone else and he could stand being misunderstood by everyone, except Leena. The reason was simple. They loved each other, and their trust should be unconditional. Leena would believe Kevin's words, no matter what anyone said.

Tom's eyes widened at her words. "Leena, how can you still believe him? You saw everything. He is obviously lying!" Tom couldn't understand why Leena still believed him. She had seen everything with her own eyes, for God's sake! Leena was just too kind and too trusting sometimes. That was also the reason why she was always the one who got hurt in the end.

"Tom, it's all right. I really do believe him. The truth is that it's Louisa who isn't letting go of him, and not the other way around. I know that Kevin would never do this to me. Besides, if he really wanted to cheat on me, he wouldn't have chosen such a silly and evident way to do it." "Leena, you believe me! Thank God. You almost gave me a heart attack. How mean are you?"

Kevin finally heaved a long sigh now that he knew Leena hadn't misunderstood the situation. As a couple, they had been through too much to easily break the trust between them. They had been through situations that had endangered their lives, after all. Nobody could ever break them apart anymore. The bond they had forged was special and precious.

"Wow, you two! Quit it already. Why am I suddenly the bad guy here?" Tom rolled his eyes at the couple. Their love was sickening, and it was mean of Leena to trick him into believing her.

"Forget about that. Tom, what is wrong with Louisa? She doesn't look too good. Have a look at her, will

eat is so erratic and her reactions are sluggish." As he explained the situation to Kevin, Tom took out his phone and texted the duty nurse, asking her to draw some blood from Louisa, who still looked terrified.

"You are right. Sorry, I didn't mean to rush you. Besides, it really looks like she has lost the ability to talk. Is it because of the drug?" Kevin asked. He wanted to get as much information as possible so that he could pass it on to the authorities who were on the case. But for now, they were not going to get any useful information from Louisa.

"I would say so. But I can only be sure after we know what drugs were used. It could also be due to the shock following the events that have happened to her. Either way, we are not dealing with local criminals. They clearly know how to deal with this sort of stuff. If I have to guess, I would say this was done by a very organized human trafficking group," Tom said, glancing at Louisa. She was quite a beauty. No wonder the traffickers had chosen her as their victim. And besides, from what he had heard from Leena and Kevin, she didn't seem like a sharp one. She was probably easily fooled into being drugged.

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