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   Chapter 1614 Running Into Louisa (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5902

Updated: 2019-04-26 09:46

"I didn't do anything. She was like this when another man handed her over to me. The guy said she would recover within a few hours." He had planned to take advantage of her while she was unable to resist him, so he decided to take her to the hotel. Unfortunately, they came across this damned soldier. What misfortune he had! Not only had he lost his money, but he would also be facing serious charges now.

As a soldier, Kevin often had to take on important tasks. He was aware of the drugs that circulated in the underworld. They were prevalent in crimes against women. Because of lack of self-protection and vigilance, women and girls often ended up as victims of human trafficking.

Mr. Yi rushed over soon after Kevin's call. He could not afford to slight a high-ranking official like Kevin.

"Major General Gu, isn't this the Commander's daughter?" Mr. Yi said in astonishment upon recognizing Louisa. What had happened to her? How did she fall into the clutches of a bad guy?

"Yes, it's her. We'd better keep this a secret. Don't leak this out to anyone. You know what to do." Kevin passed over the man to Mr. Yi. What happened next was not in Kevin's hand. Mr. Yi should be capable enough to see Louisa to safety.

"I'll take care of it. Shall we inform Commander Ye?" Mr. Yi asked, a bit hesitant. Something awful happened to a Commander's daughter under his jurisdiction. It was a serious matter.

"You tell me." Kevin cast him a cold look. Who would pick up Louisa and get her home if he didn't inform her father? Was Mr. Yi getting old? Maybe it was time for a capable young man to take over his position. The law must be taken more seriously. They couldn't risk the citizens' lives.

"Yes, yes. I got it." Mr. Yi felt Kevin's icy gaze p

is office for Kevin's call. He finally decided to come over and see for himself if Kevin was back. However, Tom didn't expect to see such a scene.

"No, it's not like that. Let me explain." Kevin reached out to pull Louisa off him. However, Louisa only clung harder. She just would not let go of him.

"I believe what I see. You have two choices: either you kick this woman out, or both of you get the hell out of here!" Tom grew furious. Leena had an accident earlier and was now in the hospital so that she and the baby were steady. How could Kevin bring another woman here, right to Leena's face?

"I choose neither. Nana, other people won't believe me, but what about you? Don't you trust me?" Kevin looked at Leena in disappointment. He thought she knew him well, but it seemed he had been over-confident. She chose to believe someone else when facing with such a minor misunderstanding. How fragile their love was! Like a house of cards, it could come tumbling down with one strike.

"Kevin, it's you who's in the wrong, not Leena. Don't ask her to believe in you when you're lying," Tom said in Leena's defense, even before she could open her mouth in response.

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