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   Chapter 1613 Running Into Louisa (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6755

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"I have a patient who has a severe condition. It's not very optimistic. I have to be here all night and keep a close eye on him. He should be ready for surgery at any moment." Tom was exhausted. He had been working for hours and the patient's condition was very serious.

"Oh, all right. What would you like me to get you then?" Kevin rarely had food with Tom, so he was unaware of the latter's preferences.

"Anything would be fine. I'll have what Leena has ordered." Tom was not a picky eater. He was fully aware as a doctor that a balanced diet and nutrition was important to keep the body strong and healthy.

"Okay. I'll bring the food to your office later." Edward was going to foot some bills tonight, seeing the amount of food they were going to order.

"Oh, no. You can just call me and I'll join you. It's a bit lonely to have dinner all alone!" The more people, the merrier it was for Tom.

Kevin and the staff of the catering division knew each other well. They quickly packed up the food he ordered and saw him off. The girls stared at him with pining eyes, marveling at how handsome and brave he was. They dared not get close to him. They knew they couldn't be someone special to him, as that position already belonged to his wife. Leena was a successful and charming woman who had an excellent family background. Kevin only had eyes for her. They were a match made in heaven.

As Kevin walked out of Kate Hotel, his eyes met an approaching Louisa. S City was not that huge. It was normal to run into acquaintances. Louisa was behind a man, who had his hand on her arm. Kevin wondered who the man beside her was. Wasn't he too old to be her boyfriend?

The man pulled Louisa into the hotel. Louisa made no response when her eyes slid to Kevin, as if he was a stranger. Her gaze was vacant and devoid of any emotion. It was unusual behavior on her part; she always greeted him when she saw him.

Kevin could not help but frown. He had no interest in saying hello to her, but something felt

to Mr. Yi within seconds. This kind of crime came under his purview.

"Sir, no! You misunderstood me. I wasn't involved in any human trafficking. I just wanted a girlfriend, that's all. It was that simple." Human trafficking was a serious accusation. He might end up in prison for several years! He was not stupid to admit to this crime.

"You don't look like you can't find a girlfriend for yourself. Don't try to fool me anymore." Kevin's grip tightened. The man's wrist turned purple as he yelped in pain.

"I didn't fool you. Yes, you're right. I can find myself a girlfriend if I want, but those women are far too ordinary and money-minded. But this woman? It's not easy to find a girlfriend like her. She is beautiful and well-bred," the man spluttered, gasping. He would not have taken this risk if he did not want an excellent girlfriend for himself.

Beautiful? Kevin glanced at Louisa quickly. She was indeed beautiful. But well-bred? She had a poor temperament, which had nearly cost him her wife's life. Most women Kevin knew were well-bred, but not Louisa. She definitely did not fall under that category.

"Just tell me. What have you drugged her with?" Louisa might be sluggish, but she seemed to have an idea of the situation she was in. Otherwise, she wouldn't have hid behind Kevin. She could sense she was in danger.

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