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   Chapter 1612 Running Into Louisa (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6953

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"You better keep a few points in mind when you are with a pregnant woman. Don't stand too close to the stairs. Don't go into crowds. Keep track of your surroundings at all times so that you keep potential dangers at bay. Got it?" Tom felt it would be good to give Rain the low-down about pregnancy. After all, Rain would eventually get married and have a child of his own.

"By all means! But I won't dare to take her out before the baby comes out. That's just too risky." Rain got the fright of his life today. He never wanted to experience something like that ever again. 'No way,' he thought sardonically as his eyes rolled upward in pain.

"Well, in that case, don't expect your future wife to go out when she gets pregnant." 'Rain is just overreacting,' Tom thought. A pregnant woman didn't have to be confined to her house. As a matter of fact, going on walks outside was beneficial for her health.

"Oh, for sure! Ouch! That hurts! Are you actually trying to heal me? Or are you just making it worse? Stop rubbing so much of that alcohol on me!" Rain complained, screaming out in pain. It hurt like a bitch when Tom applied the rubbing alcohol on his wound. He only got scraped a bit. The wound was not even that serious. A little alcohol on a cotton swab was enough. To Rain, it felt like Tom had emptied the entire bottle of alcohol on his cut. Maybe Tom was exacting some sort of twisted revenge on him.

"Of course I am healing you! You don't want the wound to be infected, do you? Don't scream like a little girl now. I am the doctor here. I get to decide how to treat your wound," Tom reassured him, but he would never tell Rain that he was being a bit rough on purpose. Leena was still worried about Rain, when she herself had been in a precarious situation. Tom was somewhat jealous.

"Fine. I don't want to fight with a quack anymore. Just finish it quickly. I need to check on Leena; see how she's doing." Rain rolled his eyes at Tom impertinently. How he wished he could throw the contents of that bottle into Tom's mouth! Rain would see how he would no

ubdued about Leena's wealthy brothers now. He was no longer so concerned about his self-respect.

"Okay then. I want peeled prawns. I am craving them suddenly." It was good that she had a rich brother. She could order whatever she wanted to eat for free.

"You glutton. Wait here. I'll get you the food soon." Kevin bent his head and left a gentle kiss on her lips before leaving the ward.

Leena sighed in relief as she watched Kevin leave, having managed to escape his tirade. Thank God she didn't have to endure his endless chattering anymore!

"Hey, Kevin. Didn't you just come? You're leaving so soon?" Not long after Kevin walked out of Leena's room, he met Tom.

"Leena wants something from Kate Hotel. I'm going to get her some food." A pregnant wife was of utmost priority. As Leena's husband, he would do whatever was in his power to satisfy her.

"Great. Bring me some too! It's been a long time since I enjoyed Kate's food last time!" Tom drooled at the mention of Kate Hotel. He loved the food there. Unfortunately, he seldom got to go there after marriage. Because of Patricia, he didn't get a lot of chances to eat outside.

"Are you not going home today? Patricia is probably waiting for you for dinner!" Kevin looked at him, squinting his eyes. He heard that Tom had turned over a new leaf after getting married. He was the obedient husband to his wife.

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