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   Chapter 1611 It Was No Accident (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7475

Updated: 2019-04-26 05:26

"No, but she complained of pain in her lower abdomen. So, you'd better get ready. We'll be there in ten minutes," Rain said while concentrating on his driving. It had never been a moment in Rain's life when he felt so scared. He knew well how difficult it was for Leena to have conceived the baby. And he was also aware of what that child meant to Leena.

"All right. Be safe on the road!" Tom said. He hung up the phone and ordered the nurse to notify the Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology to be ready for treating an emergency case.

"Leena? Are you all right? Do you still feel pain in your stomach?" Rain asked worriedly. Although it was spring and the weather was cool, Rain sweated buckets because of the fear gripping his heart.

"It's not as painful as before. Don't worry, the baby will be okay," Leena said softly to assure Rain. The words were meant to comfort both Rain and herself. When she felt her dress, Leena was thankful there was no sign of bleeding. So she hoped her condition wasn't too serious. Thanks to Rain jumping ahead of her, she didn't hit the ground directly. Or that would have definitely been more serious.

"It has to be okay, or I will cut myself over it!" Rain said. 'Damn it, Tiana Ke!' He cursed her in his head. Rain vowed to make her pay for what she did to Leena.

"Rain, please don't say things like that. You frighten me," Leena pleaded. Leena was already panicking because of her condition, but Rain's words made her feel even worse.

"Okay, I will refrain from saying such things. Just sit tight, and we'll be arriving at the hospital soon," he told Leena. He stepped on the accelerator and maneuvered the car expertly. The only thing Rain focused on right now was to get to the hospital safely in record time.

The last time Tom stood outside the hospital was to wait for Kevin. Now, he was waiting for Leena. He was beginning to think this couple was quite troublesome.

Then he saw Rain's car screeching towards the hospital. So he ran to meet it.

Opening the passenger door, he quickly examined Leena and urgently asked questions. "How do you feel now, Leena? Do you still feel pain?" He carefully helped her out, and then picked her up lightly to prevent more s

I don't need you to check up on me. I want to go see Leena first," Rain insisted. He was still thinking about what happened. And deep inside he could still feel the panic. Trying to shake off the fear he felt earlier, Rain wanted to see for himself that Leena was all right.

Tom blocked his efforts. "Leena said that you should have your body checked up first. Then you can go and see her. So, stop arguing and just do it!" Rain was obviously reluctant to undergo examination. Tom wondered how nervous the guy was about his injuries. If Rain wasn't enthusiastic to be examined by Tom, neither was Tom looking forward to examining him. But Leena had made the request so he was going to do it, even if he wasn't going to get paid for doing it.

"That wrench!" Rain gritted his teeth in annoyance. Since it was Leena who asked that he should be seen to by a doctor, Rain had no choice but to comply. It would be easier to follow Tom and let him examine his injuries.

"Fortunately, you protected Leena well enough and broke her fall. Otherwise, the baby would truly be in danger," Tom reported. He still was curious why Leena fell down from the stairs but he said nothing. What was important was that Rain was there to protect Leena in such a dangerous situation.

"Stop talking about it, okay? I still feel panic just thinking about it," Rain said morosely. He rubbed his chest anxiously. If something serious had happened to the baby, Rain didn't know how he could face Kevin after.

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