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   Chapter 1610 It Was No Accident (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7505

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"And in case I actually did that, then what?" Tiana challenged. All she wanted was a little family affection from him. But why was it so difficult for him to give that to her?

Glaring at Tiana, Rain said, "If you want to do that, you can always give it a try to see what would happen." The corner of Rain's lips curved into a twisted smile. He couldn't understand why Tiana insisted on provoking him with ridiculous demands. But he would make up his mind that she was not worth his time or attention.

Sensing the rising tension between her two companions, Leena quickly intervened. "Miss Ke, I think it is better for us to start eating before the food gets cold," she said with a nervous smile. Noting the curious looks thrown their way by other customers in the restaurant, Leena thought it best to settle the animosity between Rain and Tiana or at least calm them down.

"Do you think I still have an appetite after all this?" Tiana cried out. She was annoyed that all Leena could think about was food. But then, it wasn't Leena who was reprimanded in public.

Rudely, Rain said, "If you don't want to eat, you're free to go. Leave us in peace to enjoy our meal." Rain hated seeing Leena being taken advantage of. So he said his piece without hesitation. In the family, no one had the heart to say hurtful things to Leena, so how could an outsider like Tiana do such a thing?

Angrily, Tiana declared, "Well, I'm leaving! Do you honestly think I want to have a meal with you?" She stood up quickly, oblivious to the stares of everyone. Before finally exiting, she gave Leena a thoughtful look. A shudder ran down Leena's spine from the cold scrutiny.

"Rain, she seems to like you a lot. Why are you doing this to her? Why being so cruel?" Leena pointed out. She was still trying to figure out why Rain was so disgusted with Tiana. While she might be part of the Ke family, Leena didn't think every one of them was so bad.

"If I don't do this to her now, I will only be waiting for the day when she will brutally hurt me back," Rain explained. There was no member of the Ke family that he could trust or believe. That said, he wanted no ties with any one of them.

"I simply don't understand it," Leena sighed. That woman o

get up after Leena had gotten off him. He ignored his own pain and struggled to wrap his arms around Leena while helping her walk towards the car. Before moving, he turned around to see who pushed Leena down the stairs. He was furious when he saw her and wanted to slap the person hard. But now he knew it wasn't the right time. What was critical was to get Leena to the hospital as soon as possible.

Tiana was stunned. She had been so mad with Rain for being kind to Leena and only intended to give her a slight push. How was she to know the woman's knees were unstable from the cold? Then she overheard Rain ask about the baby, so Tiana discovered that Leena was pregnant. She thought that mean act would have been revenge enough. Rain would not make it easy for her. Had she known the woman was pregnant, Tiana would never have touched her. So that was why her dress was unfashionable and like those worn by pregnant women. She was indeed heavy with child.

"Tom, hurry! Meet us at the emergency department. Leena had an accident, and I'm bringing her to the hospital now," Rain said in his call to Tom. He honked his horn like crazy, driving to the Renxin Hospital at the fastest speed allowable.

"What's the matter? Is it serious? Is there any bleeding?" Tom fired a series of questions over the phone. From the moment he heard that Leena had an accident, Tom immediately stood up and hurried to the entrance of the emergency department. He left whatever work he was doing unfinished.

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