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   Chapter 1609 It Was No Accident (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6838

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"I haven't eaten anything either, and I'm wondering if this lady would mind if I join you." Tiana knew that Rain disliked her. So, she asked Leena who was seated beside Rain, hoping she would agree to have her join them for a meal.

Leena hesitated and glanced at Rain. "Well..." She didn't even know the woman, so she was wary about inviting her casually to sit down with them.

Angrily, Rain blurted out, "Tiana Ke, do not try to annoy me!" He had turned sullen when Tiana tried to insinuate herself. He was adamant that she should stay away because he didn't want to lose his appetite.

"I didn't do anything, Rain. I only want to join you for a meal. Is that such a hardship that you have to be annoyed?" Tiana said. The more Rain refused to be with her, the more curious about Leena she became. She wondered why this woman was sharing a meal with Rain.

"Rain, since it is Miss Ke, perhaps she could just join us," Leena suggested. After hearing Rain mentioned Tiana's name, Leena surmised the woman who wanted to join their meal was a member of the Ke family. She thought of Rain and decided it would be better to invite her to eat. Otherwise, Rain could get into trouble.

As soon as Tiana heard Leena, she couldn't help but look at the woman from head to toe.

Blowing out a breath, Rain grumbled, "Since Leena has agreed, you might as well sit down! But you'd better not be saying anything horrible on this table." He warned Tiana. The man was worried that Tiana would say something to embarrass Leena, thus the warning.

"Thank you for agreeing to let me join you, ma'am," Tiana said. As soon as Rain gave in to Leena, Tiana immediately sat down and shared a meal with the two happily.

"You're welcome. We only started eating. If there is something you would prefer to eat, go ahead and order," Leena encouraged her. It slightly annoyed her when Tiana addressed her as 'ma'am' when she didn't seem older than her. But she opted not to correct her anymore.

"Is this ma'am your wife, Rain?" Tiana asked curiously.

the KD Group was to avenge his loss. He had no desire to be caught in family bonds. And he made sure to focus on that.

Bitterly, Tiana declared, "Vance was right. No matter how I try to please you, you will never regard me as a sister. Initially, I thought he was merely trying to sow dissent between us. Now I realize that what he said was true." Had there been no comparison, there would have been no harm done. But how could Rain give her a hard blow after she saw how well he treated another girl whom he considered a sister?

"It's good that you've finally accepted the reality of the situation. I hope you will no longer bother me in the KD Group," Rain said bluntly. The reason he was able to say that was because compared to other members of the Ke family, Tiana wasn't so bad.

Her response was bitter laughter. "Why not? KD Group is not yours! As a member of the Ke family, I have access to the company," Tiana remarked. Her eyes had turned red, and tears threatened to fall. Tiana now realized one truth. The greater one's expectation was, the more desperate they became when this was not met in the end.

"Of course you have the right to go to the KD Group offices. But your rights don't include free access to the President's Office," Rain declared. When he said that, his tone was so cold. It would have frozen Satan in his descent to hell.

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