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   Chapter 1607 Michelle's Delivery (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6803

Updated: 2019-04-25 14:08

"I'm alright. I understand the situation." As much as Michelle was a gang member, she was also a considerate wife.

"Every man should be there for his wife when she's giving birth!" exclaimed Cynthia. Nobody anticipated that Michelle would go in labor while Luke was away.

"Well, he wouldn't be able to help me even if he were here. It's not like he's the one who's going to give birth," Michelle said jokingly. "And besides, I still had to be isolated, right?" Michelle said all these things with a reassuring smile. The chicken soup she had dreaded earlier on was actually very delicious. It was just the thought of having to consume strictly just soup for a month that heavily burdened Michelle. She wondered if she would gain more weight in the coming month.

"You are such a considerate wife! Most women would have held a grudge," said Cynthia. She was grateful that both her sons, Edward and Luke, were lucky enough to marry wives who weren't selfish and demanding.

"Mom, I know if I threw a fit it would only get between me and Luke," Michelle explained, "It would only break us. I love him, and I'm not willing to lose him over something so petty." She knew Luke loved her and she knew it was a matter of work that Luke had to leave the country. She had no intention of brewing a storm over something so simple.

"It's really so kind of you to say that. Oh, baby, you have such a great mother!" Cynthia then planted a kiss on the cheek of her grandson.

"Hey! What a beautiful and warm family we have," exclaimed Daisy who came rushing from behind Cynthia. She had just gotten off work and made her way to the hospital immediately as she clocked out.

"You're finally here, Daisy. Still haven't gone home huh?" Daisy came without Justin, so Cynthia knew Daisy had come directly from work. If Daisy had gone home first, she would have Justin tag along. Justin was also eager to see his little cousin.

"No, I haven't. I came here as soon as I could." Daisy walked up to Michelle and gave her the warmest cong

, it's still not your duty to protect her. Your Uncle Kevin is a soldier and he is in charge of protecting his child," Daisy said, trying so hard to hold back her laughter. She could not help but make fun of her son.

"But Uncle Kevin will surely be busy, so the baby girl will be under my care." Justin flashed a big grin as he began to imagine the things he would do to protect his Uncle Kevin's baby girl in his place.

"Fine," Daisy gave up. "But I don't think your dream will come true," she added with a shrug.

"Don't you and your Aunt Leena have problems getting along? Do you think she'll ever ask you to protect her daughter?" Michelle joined Daisy in teasing the boy.

"Dang it! I almost forgot. Aunt Michelle, will Aunt Leena forgive me if I become nicer to her from now on?" Justin asked hoping to get the answer he wanted to get.

"Why don't you give it a try? It just might work." Michelle burst into laughter this time. Justin was such an adorable and charming boy that he seemed to be convinced that Leena was for sure going to have a daughter.

"Okay, let's stop teasing the child. Why don't you have another baby?" suggested Cynthia while stroking Justin's head affectionately.

"What? You must be kidding me, mom. Michelle just gave birth! Give her a break. At least a year or two." Daisy stared at Cynthia in disbelief.

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