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   Chapter 1606 Michelle's Delivery (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6531

Updated: 2019-04-25 12:22

Rain would still often wonder about the what ifs that had not left his mind since the day that Annie had left him. The most prevalent question that would not stop crossing his mind was what would have happened if he had drunk more responsibly — what would have happened if he had not gotten so drunk? Would he still have Annie right where she should be, which was right beside him? His mind unceasingly dwelt on these wonders day and night and he would tire but the next morning he woke up, the questions would still be there. But, as the saying went, Rain would often repeat to himself that there was no use crying over spilled milk. Although he wanted so much to change what had happened, there was nothing that he could do.

The circumstances that took place were surprising, but Annie's departure was something that Rain knew had always been destined to happen, if not planned. Annie's departure had long been established. Rain could only assume that Annie had everything planned out; that she had been merely looking for a loop hole she could deliberately use as an exit when she got the opportunity to. Otherwise, she would still be here. No matter how hard Rain looked, he achieved and found nothing. His searches were in vain.

That was why he had been keeping himself distracted and occupied by taking over the KD Group. Nonetheless, flashes of Annie's face would keep revisiting him. All their friends including Edward, Duke, Tom, and Leena had a happy life in love with their partners. The fact that he was the only one without a significant other made Rain feel rejected.

The constant isolation he always felt always made him feel empty; much so that this evening, he decided he would go to Sexy World. He went there by himself, which made it twice as sadder than it already was. As what one would expect, there was a woman wearing a sexy attire, sitting right next to him. This woman was doing her best to get the attention of Rain, seduci

d. I thought I'd have to consume the same kind of soup everyday," exclaimed Michelle. "I would go crazy!" Michelle made a funny face and stuck her tongue out. Although she was a little pale, her spirit was high. She was happy after all.

"Luke called. Give him a ring when you finish that soup, okay?" Cynthia teased the little boy with her eyes filled with affection and love. Belinda and Patricia gave to boys not a little long ago, too. Leena would also give birth soon. Their offspring would, in a couple of years, become playmates. However, Cynthia couldn't help but feel troubled at the thought of Rain. She was certain that while they were celebrating life, he was mourning every bit of it.

"Of course," said Michelle, "Did he say when he'll be back? I need him here," Michelle asked in eagerness. Like most wives, she also wanted Luke to be with her in significant moments such as this one. Although she completely understood why he had to be away, she couldn't help but miss her husband, especially now that she had given birth to their son.

"In two or three days, he said. I feel sorry for you, Michelle," said Cynthia with remorse and guilt in her words. Edward's company had an emergency and he had to go overseas to deal with it. As Edward's right hand, Luke had to be present.

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