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   Chapter 1605 The Baby's Name (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7451

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"Tiana, I am warning you the last time; if you dare take my pictures in secret and put them on social media, I promise that I'll get your naked pictures and post them to the public!" Rain roared with gritted teeth and tightly clenched the phone in his hand, as if he refused to let go until the device got broken. He tapped his foot impatiently on the floor. What a damn woman! He had warned her before, but she did not stop her ridiculous behavior. He usually was not active on social media, but still he paid attention to it. That was why he found out what Tiana did.

"Don't get mad, my elder brother. You are handsome and beautiful. You don't need to worry about looking ugly. Didn't you see the comments? Tons of women said that they wanted to marry you." Tiana did not think she did something wrong at all. The photos she posted on her social media made more people follow her account. The more followers, the higher her chances to enter the entertainment industry. Although she had chosen business administration as her major in college, she did not learn much because she put all her efforts and attention to be a star.

"Shut up! And, I'm not beautiful!" Rain glared fiercely at her with aggravation written all over his face. If she wasn't a woman, he would've punched her with full strength.

"Fine! I won't say that," Tiana muttered in defeat.

"Delete all my photos you've posted, NOW. Otherwise, I'm gonna block your account. You know I can do that," Rain said indignantly. Well, well. Tons of women wanted to marry him? What a hilarious joke! They were all beneath his attention.

"Please don't. I got lots of followers thanks to your pictures. I would lose them if I deleted them." Tiana refused his request without thinking twice. Everyone in her family except her father told her to stay away from Rain, but she just couldn't help herself keeping approaching the man.

"Well. Do you want to lose your fans, or do you want me to have your account deleted? Choose one." This photo posting made him look like some sort of Internet celebrity thanks to her. Come on! He was the vice president of FX International Group, for heaven's sake. He should never be compared or connected to Internet celebrities.

apped her heavily sooner to keep her from protecting his enemy.

"You... You beat me!" Tiana looked at Vance in equal parts of disbelief and astonishment. She could not believe what he had done to her just now. Although they usually did not get along quite well, he had never laid his hands on her. Now what just happened was a different story. He slapped her in the face just because they had disagreements. What a cold-blooded brother he was! It was just unacceptable.

"I did that to keep you awake! Please realize the fact and don't be fooled by him. Do you really think that he would consider you as his sister when you address him as 'brother?' Don't be so naive, okay? You may just end up in tears." The people milling about and minding their business in the office couldn't help but glance at them in curiosity. However, they didn't show it too obviously in fear of getting fired.

"I don't need your care. That's none of your business! Just get out of my way!" Tiana rushed out and went away angrily. She finally realized that everything changed ever since her brothers got married. Everyone was busy in getting their greedy hands in the company. They would never return to that time when all of them got along well.

Vance frowned too as he stood there in deep thought. He just could not figure out why his sister wanted to get close to a bastard. Was he that charming that even his sister decided to support him? It was unbelievable. Face decided everything nowadays.

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