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   Chapter 1604 The Baby's Name (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7085

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"Yes, you be careful. Don't drive fast. Let me know when you are home," she said lastly. Pamela then helped Leena with her coat and walked her out of the hall. After saying their goodbyes, she remained by the door until Leena's car disappeared in the distance. She admired Duke a lot whenever she looked at Leena. Leena was so well-educated when it came to these things, thanks to Duke. After their mother was gone, he must have devoted himself a lot!

Patricia's little baby grew quite fast. A few days later, Eden had already added a few centimeters to his height. He was so cute and everyone loved to play with him.

Meanwhile, Michelle pondered over her own baby as she watched over Eden with Luke. Tom and Patricia already went out of the ward. The little one had finished bathing and was now playing with them. "Hey, Luke. Will our baby be as cute and handsome as Eden?" asked Michelle. She stroked her large belly. At this rate, her baby was probably about to come out. She had the penguin-like gait of most pregnant women due to her larger size.

"Of course he will. He has me as his father," Luke said in a carefree voice. Luke was by no means being arrogant when he said that. He might not be as sexy as Edward and Rain, yet he was handsome and cool. In other women's eyes, he was also hot.

"Haha! I didn't know you were such a narcissist." Michelle rolled her eyes at him while playing with Eden. She waved his chubby little arms this way and that, and the baby giggled cutely.

"What? Don't you think so? Or do you think your husband is not that good enough?" Luke said. Luke was usually taciturn and silent, but things were different whenever he was with Michelle.

"I didn't say anything. Don't try to accuse me," she said steadily. Michelle stepped backwards while holding little Eden's soft hand. Every time Luke talked to her in such tone, she felt as if she was shrouded in danger.

"Where did they go? They've been out for a while. They'd better not get out of the hospital with their baby still here," Luke said flatly. Luke was terribly too logical and serious in his way of thinking

it," Patricia said. Patricia did not have a natural labor but a cesarean one since her body condition did not allow that. However, she hoped that Michelle could have a normal childbirth.

"Let's go, Michelle," Luke said from the other side as he looked at his watch. It was now time for lunch. He couldn't be any more careful when it came to taking care of his pregnant wife.

"Patricia, we're gonna go now. I'll pay you a visit some other day," Michelle said. She knew that Luke didn't like to be around people that much, so she was sensitive enough to also bade for them to leave.

"Okay, take care. Bye!" Patricia said as she watched the two take their leave. She was allowed to leave the hospital this day. She had to stay for more than a week for observation since she had undergone a cesarean birth. If it was a natural labor, she would've gone home in two to three days. The hospital had good facilities and it was nice to stay there, but she felt that it was better at home. She wanted her baby to get used to their house earlier.

KD group was flourishing greatly and they were doing great in the market. Rain had succeeded in his plans for the company after three months. He reaped far more profit than the required quota. Everyone who planned to bring him down and watch drama unfold were rendered mute because of his success. However, it couldn't be helped that there were still some troubles.

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