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   Chapter 1603 The Baby's Name (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6622

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The sunlight cast a soft glow on the pure white snow, making the icy little flakes glitter like white crystals on a bright day. It was a cold but fine winter morning. Inside the Grand Apartment, Leena was helping Kevin prepare to go to work. "Okay. It's freezing outside and don't get a cold. Drive slowly. Be safe," Kevin said as he double-checked everything. He was good to go. But before he left, he just could not be more careful about his wife. How Kevin wished that he could take Leena with him whenever and wherever he could ever since he knew about her pregnancy. He was very anxious and wanted to be around her all the time.

"I'll be fine, Kevin. Don't worry too much about me. Go now. Or you'll be late," She said as she gently smiled at him. Leena had never imagined that Kevin, a strict and serious soldier, would become the emotional and loquacious man that he was now, especially when Leena also had to go out herself.

"Call or message me when you get back, okay?" Kevin said as he gave her a peck on the cheek. He could not just feel easy when Leena went out alone in her delicate condition.

"If you continue to be so talkative, you're really gonna be late for work," Leena chided him like he was a naughty boy. Leena prodded him out of the door, urging him to go. Otherwise, they would take long again and Kevin might never even get out of their apartment.

Kevin couldn't do anything else but lower his head in defeat at his wife's gentle pushing. He gently kissed her soft lips before he said goodbye and went out to work.

Leena watched his car going until it disappeared into the distance. After that, she took a quick shower and got ready. She chose a simple and comfortable outfit and since she didn't like being in the farmers' market due to the pungent smell in some areas, she brought a mask to help with that. Sometimes she still felt like she wanted to vomit, especially with her pregnancy.

Leena took her car to the market. The scenery o

, she decided to learn as much as she could in order not to burden Kevin.

"Oh, Leena. That's so sweet of you. Thank you so much. I am Patricia's mother-in-law and I'm supposed to do these but here you are, doing it for me." Tom's mother said gratefully. Tom's mother had never anticipated that Patricia would give birth when she was out of the country. When she heard the news, she had already arrived at her destination, unable to fly back again. Because of this, she decided to not come back first until she finished her work.

"Auntie, I would feel shy if you insist on thanking me all the time," Leena said as her face turned beet root-red. She was indeed very shy, and she blushed easily all the time.

"Ok, I'll stop it now. It's quite late. Go home and take a good rest. Hand the rest of those over. Look at you, you are still so skinny. You need to eat more to keep healthy, okay? Your baby needs you, too," Tom's mother said. Leena already had slim figure to begin with. Then, she vomited a lot during pregnancy, which made her look even thinner than she was.

"Yes, Auntie, thank you. I'll be sure to eat more. I'll leave now, please tell Patricia when she's back. Goodbye!" Patricia went to see her baby being bathed by the nurse before they left the hospital. Only Leena and Pamela were in the ward.

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