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   Chapter 1602 The C-Section (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8072

Updated: 2019-04-25 00:36

"Oh, He said that he would come back soon and he asked me to take care of you for the moment. Don't worry. He would be here soon." Leena sat beside her and beamed, delight written across her face.

"Where is the baby?" Patricia still couldn't move because she had undergone the C-section. Unlike other moms who went through natural labor, she couldn't hold her baby freely and kiss him all over or even feed him immediately after her baby was born.

"Tom said the baby is now receiving the blue light treatment. He would be sent back to you 24 hours later. Don't worry," Leena explained in a gentle voice and tried to reassure her that everything was fine.

"Blue light? What's that?" Since her husband Tom was a doctor, she cared little about medical things because even if the sky fell, Tom was there to solve everything for her.

"It is said that blue light is a kind of therapy to cure Neonatal Jaundice. But I don't know much about it." Leena only heard the doctor mention this kind of condition when she went to do the prenatal check before. Although Tom also mentioned it just a while ago, he didn't really explain what it was. It was beyond Leena's knowledge to explain such medical terms to Patricia.

"Okay. As long as Tom didn't say anything bad, then the baby is okay. Leena, thank you!" Patricia said in a faint voice. Leena was dumbfounded to hear her friend suddenly say thanks to her.

"Patricia, why did you say thanks to me? We are friends!" She said a little anxiously. She was a little disappointed to see Patricia be so polite to her.

"I just want to apologize for what happened before. You seems to have misunderstood me." Patricia finally spoke and mustered up the courage to show her regret. She didn't want their friendship to be broken.

"Patricia, it's a happy day today. Let's just celebrate the arrival of the new baby. Anything else doesn't really matter," Leena said in an attempt to hurriedly shift the topic. She didn't want any unpleasant thing to spoil her good mood today.

"No, Leena. I must clear this up with you today. In fact, I don't really mind your relationship with Tom. I was only being a little jealous. It is not like what you are thinking, that I don't like you two to be close." She recently had a hard time because she felt that Leena was lukewarm towards her. They had been friends for years and she really didn't want them to split up becaus

on't be back until the day after tomorrow, and I won't be rest assured if anyone else handled the work. Besides, Patricia likes my soup best." Although it was a tiring work to get up early every day and buy all the ingredients to make the soup, Leena somewhat felt that it was worth it, because in this way, she could see the adorable little baby every day.

"But didn't you just hate going to the farmer's market before?" Kevin still remembered that Leena couldn't stand the bad smell from the poultry in the farmer's market.

"But only the chickens from the farmer's market are the freshest, and the soup made by the fresh chicken would be the most delicious." Leena said as she got up and walked towards him. She stood on her tiptoes to help him fix his tie. Leena finally had the chance to do that for Kevin thanks to Patricia, for he usually had already left for work when Leena just woke up.

"How about this? I will go to the market to buy the chicken for you now. I'm very worried about your health and safety. You know, you are now pregnant with our baby," Kevin said as he briefly checked his watch. He only had to drive faster later on his way to work to avoid being late.

"Nope. I don't have any problem in walking and moving around. I can still buy the grocery now. You'd better go directly to the army base. I can do it myself," She said gently as she patted the knot of his tie and smiled at him. She knew he was worried about her and it was really sweet and nice of him, but she was the mother of the baby inside her. She would certainly be very cautious with everything she was doing.

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