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   Chapter 1601 The C-Section (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7698

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"What else could I do? I'm now like a piece of meat on the chopping board. How could I not succumb?" Daisy said with a slight edge in her voice. How come he wasn't enamored by her and her seduction attempts? This hateful man!

"Dear, truthfully, you have shown me a good play--but it is a pity I am not like any other stupid men. I'm Edward and I won't be tricked." Edward's voice cut into her thoughts. Although, he did have to admit that at a certain point, he almost lost his mind at her amorous advances but he tried his best to suppress his sexual desire. However, since she liked to play the game, he would join her and let her know what a real game felt like, and who would truly win it.

"Oh? Really? How about this?" Edward didn't have the time to reply as her lips were pressed upon his and her tongue tried to gain entry into his mouth. She didn't believe that he would still resist the temptation now. Soon he would throw himself at her feet, as what she expected.

However, a cunning look crossed Edward's eyes as he shut them and enjoyed the kiss, but he didn't quite give in yet. It seemed that Senior Colonel Ouyang had gone all out to make him yield, but she had forgotten one thing. Once a man's sexual desire was awakened, there was no way she could fully stop it. Daisy was less shrewd compared to Edward when it came to the art of lovemaking. She could be a good commander on the battle field, but when it came to sex, she could never take the reins. She eventually became the lamb to the slaughter on bed as Edward gained the upper hand.

Daisy had thought to use the honey-trap to make him lose his senses, and then she would take that chance to give what he deserved. However, it seemed that it never came to her that he had a firm command of making hot, amorous sex, and he got what he wanted. His palms were now flat on the wall and his arms caged her as he took control of their lustful kiss. In the end, she lost the bait along with the fish as they tumbled together in a passion-filled evening.

The only sound that could be heard in the room was the beeping of the health monitors and other medical equipment. Patricia slept peacefully on medication. She had planned to go into a natural labor, but the B ultrasonic diagnosis showed that the umbilical cord was wra

herself and be exhausted, so he kindly asked her to go back home and take a much-needed rest. However, she insisted, "I want to wait until Patricia wakes up. I already told Kevin about this and he would pick me up after work." Leena was not a spoiled princess. She didn't feel tired at all. It was nothing for her to take care of something like this.

"Okay. You stay here and I'll come back soon." He had just excused himself for temporarily leaving his other patients and came there to check up on his wife. Although there was another doctor available to handle the other patients, he still wanted to go back and finish his rounds. He was a good doctor and would always take responsibility for his work and his patients.

"Okay. Go then! I'll take care of her." Leena said as she smoothed out Patricia's messy short hair, her eyes full of concern. She suddenly thought that all women were great on the day they gave birth to their children. She didn't know what it would be like when her turn came. She even hated going to the hospital the most because she was weak in bearing any sort of pain.

Patricia woke up half an hour later, and Tom still hadn't been back. He was probably delayed by some very urgent cases.

"Patricia, how do you feel now? Are you alright?" Leena asked anxiously as soon as she saw Patricia open her eyes.

"Leena, it's you! Where is Tom?" Patricia asked with a slight frown on her pale face. She got a little disappointed when the first person she saw as soon as she woke up was not her husband.

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