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   Chapter 1600 The C-Section (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7477

Updated: 2019-04-24 02:37

The sound of the opened door and clack of heeled shoes in the foyer let the people in the house know that someone had just arrived. It was Daisy, followed by Edward and Justin. As soon as Daisy and Edward stepped into their room, she dropped her bag on the table and that made Edward look at her instantly. "Spit it out! What did you want to ask just now?" Daisy asked as she scrunched up her face in seriousness, her hands on her waist. She had a feeling that there was a secret between her husband and Leena.

Edward raised his eyebrows in mild surprise and said, "Okay, one question first. Will you mind if I'm occasionally affectionate towards Leena? For example, will you mind me hugging her or other close types of contact like that?" Edward asked because he wanted to know what Daisy thought about this, but he subconsciously believed that she wouldn't be so narrow-minded and shallow about these types of things.

Daisy raised her eyebrows and replied, "Why do you ask that? Well since you brought it up, I'd like to share my thoughts with you-- but first, tell me, will you completely ignore me when you lavishly dote on Leena?" Daisy finished. She had always thought of herself as a very generous and broad-minded person. She never bothered herself with trifling matters and was quite confident in things that were significant to her.

"No." Edward answered without a slight hesitation in his deep voice.

"Since you said no, why should I be bothered? I know what Leena is like. She is such a smart and lovely girl. I'm fond of her. Why should I be jealous because you also adore her?" Daisy answered thoughtfully, the hands on her waist dropped and her body visibly relaxed. She had been really upset inside seeing Edward and Leena hug each other when she first saw her, but she didn't know back then that Leena was like an endearing sister to Edward. When she got to know this, she felt rather ashamed of how narrow-minded she had acted.

"Really? Do you really think so?" Edward looked at her with a happy smile that graced his lips. He knew that the woman he had chosen would not be that shallow. He was right in his previous belief.

"And now it's your turn to tell me why did you suddenly ask such a question.

onel was suddenly replaced by this vixen.

"Oh? I didn't know that. But I'm willing to listen what crime I have committed." Edward's eyes narrowed into slits as he gazed at her. She was still green at teasing a man as she awkwardly gripped his tie with a trembling hand. However, he was quite eager to see what she would do next.

"Huh, you silly man. Do you really want to know? Beg me." Daisy stood on her tiptoes and caressed his senses with her sultry voice. Her luscious lips grazed the shell of his ear and lightly touched his earlobe. She subtly tried to arouse his sensual desires. She was definitely more open now compared to what she was like a year ago.

"Dear, you are amazing. It seems that you have learned a lot of these skills. You are stirring up the fire in me, but have you thought how could you get away once I lose my control?" Edward's brows shot up in mild excitement as he was more curious to see what she had to show next. His lustful eyes bore into her own, as if trying to light the passionate fire in them.

"I have never thought of getting away." Daisy said as her hands fumbled around his body, her fingers tracing the contours of his abdomen beneath the dress shirt he wore. An innocent smile found its way to her face. She grabbed his attention even more.

"Oh. So does it mean that you have given in to me?" The more Daisy tried to seduce him, the more Edward became vigilant. He felt that this act might be a honey trap and he should be cautious.

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