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   Chapter 1599 Difference (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6642

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"You know how good I am at driving, Kevin," retorted Daisy. Then she looked at Leena and gave the lady a motherly smile. "Leena, we'll go. Take good care of yourself."

"OK, I will. Thank you, Daisy." Leena had not planned to stay in army base tonight since Kevin had never mentioned it to her. Thus, she got a little confused earlier upon hearing what Kevin said. Nonetheless, she trusted Kevin completely, so she just smiled through it all and never said a word.

They were still bidding their casual goodbyes when Edward suddenly walked up to Leena and gave her a brotherly hug without any ado. She was still in shock when he whispered, "Just follow your heart. Don't think too much about it." After that, Edward let her go and left that place together with his family without even looking back.

All of them were left puzzled about what Edward did. They got no clue about what he said to Leena at all. Thus, Daisy was extremely curious while driving away from the army base.

"What did you just whisper to Leena?" She finally managed to ask.

"You want to know?" replied Edward as a mysterious smile appeared on his face. It looked as if he was trying to tease her.

"You don't have to tell me. I don't want to know anyway," said Daisy proudly as she turned her eyes to the road ahead.

"Woman, can't you just be patient?" Edward was utterly surprised when he suddenly turned to Daisy. He never expected her to give up that soon. 'Can't she just give me a damn?' thought Edward.

"Why? I don't have to know." On the other hand, Daisy was not a gossip girl. She just asked because she thought that what Edward did was a little strange.

"You have to know." Edward was playing with his temper again. He hated being ignored and what his wife was doing wasn't how he liked it.

"What? I said I didn't want to know. Why are you forcing me to know? It's so typical of you!" Frustratedly, Daisy shook her head. There were really some days when she couldn't figure out


"Nonsense! Don't say that word again. That's bad luck! Put your clothes on. I don't want you to catch a cold," snapped Kevin. His face was suddenly serious and Leena couldn't help but feel intimidated with him.

"Okay... Fine. I'll wear it. Just go to work. I will take good care of myself." Forcing a smile, Leena looked up at Kevin and thought, 'Does this guy really think that I'm that vulnerable?'

A few minutes more and Kevin was already reviewing the documents on his desk very carefully. These papers were so important that he couldn't allow himself to make mistakes.

On the other hand, Leena decided to read the newspapers he handed her. However, she got bored with it after a while, thus, she stopped. She then rested her back against the sofa and just watched Kevin until she felt sleepy. She carefully lay down on the sofa and after a few minutes, she fell asleep.

Kevin burst out laughing as soon as he saw Leena sleeping. 'I know that your reading won't last long,' he thought. He walked over to his wife and tucked her with his army coat gently. He bent down to her afterwards and gently pressed his lips against hers. After making sure that she was comfortable, Kevin walked back to his desk while thinking, 'I have to hurry up and get my work done. I badly need to take her home early.'

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