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   Chapter 1598 Difference (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6157

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"No. It's just that I felt that Patricia didn't want me to be too close to Tom." Leena bowed her head as soon as she finished speaking. Although she was so used to being close to Tom, she was willing to change herself for their happiness.

"Really? Does Tom know that?" Puzzled, Edward's eyebrows furrowed. Everybody in the upper-class circle of S City knew that they treated Leena as their little sister. How could Patricia even think of Leena that way?

"Yes. However, Tom said that Patricia is Patricia, and I am me. His feelings towards us are different. Nevertheless, I always felt that I shouldn't be bothering him anymore so I deliberately distanced myself from him. It makes me feel bad though because I knew that I hurt Tom with what I did. I can sense it whenever he looks at me." Finally, Leena was able to tell the whole story as to why she was confused.

"How about this? Go talk to Patricia first and explain yourself to her. Not every woman is as rational as Daisy. Moreover, not every woman is as generous as Belinda too. It is just natural for Patricia to behave as she does." Frankly, Edward got no clue about how to fix issues between women. Every woman had their own personality and ideas. Thus, it was really hard for him to map a resolution for this case.

"I have plans of doing that but I can't find the right time to talk to her about it." A cold wind blew and made a mess of her hair. However, even the cold breeze wasn't enough to take away the bitterness in her heart.

"Trust me. You can do it." Disputes should be resolved no matter what and Edward could only wish for the two to have a good talk. It would be nice if the two could understand each other. He let out a soft smile after a while, then asked, "Are you cold?"

"I am not cold. I wear a lot of clothes." Kevin was frantic earlier about her

ow. It's time to go home. Leena and I are going to stay here." Kevin rushed to smooth things as soon as he noticed Leena and Justin quarreling again. He still had some work to do tonight, thus he decided to stay in the army base with his wife.

"Yes, you are going to save more time that way. But what about Leena coming back with us? It's colder here than downtown." Daisy knew that Leena was afraid of cold weathers. She was actually getting worried about Leena not being able to adapt to the temperature here.

"Don't worry. I brought her very thick clothes, so it's okay," said Kevin assuringly. He had readied everything that Leena might need as he really planned to stay in the army base.

"All right! Just take good care of Leena, okay?" Daisy didn't say more after hearing Kevin's idea. Leena would always need someone to take care of her now since she was pregnant. It was actually the reason why Daisy felt a little worried that Leena would stay in the army base.

"Okay. Be careful, guys." Kevin took Leena's little hand while bidding goodbye to the Mu family. However, his smile instantly faded as soon as he felt how cold her hand was. 'Why is her hand so cold? Isn't she dressed thick enough?' he thought.

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