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   Chapter 1597 Difference (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6372

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"So what are you gonna do to her?" Leena asked with an interested smile. It was easy to tell how curious she was with what Edward was about to say.

"It's not like that! Don't forget that you are a pregnant woman now. Remember that whatever you say and whatever you do will affect your baby," reprimanded Edward before flicking her forehead.

"Hmp! Don't act like you're innocent." Leena pouted her pretty lips while rubbing her hurt forehead. She wondered, 'Why was Edward born this evil?'

"Girl, I never said I was a good person. I'm not even connecting the word innocent to me at all," Edward said in a serious tone. To be honest, he had already experienced a lot of bad things since he started with their business. Except for killing people, the list of evil things he had done was already endless.

"Is it possible for you and Daisy to be enemies one day?" asked Leena as she straightened her back. She wasn't stupid and she knew what it took to run a company as vast as the FX International Group.

"I'd like to do whatever I wanted before. However, I've changed since Daisy and I got together. I'm very cautious about everything I'm doing now. I don't want to put her in any trouble nor ruin her reputation." A bitter smile cracked Edward's lips upon remembering how he used to live his life. It was only after he fell in love with Daisy that he decided to be stricter to himself as not to damage her.

"Then why did you behave like that in front of Daisy earlier?" Sensing how the atmosphere around them turned tense, Leena shifted the subject to what she really ought to know.

"What? Girl, did you just set me up? You seem to be getting smarter nowadays. What you saw back there was just the spark between her and me. You didn't expect that, did you? Haha! Keep learning, young lady." Edward chuckled before taking her hand. He guided her to stand up from her bench. A few seconds

wever, if the woman is our friend or family member, I don't think my wife would be so narrow-minded." Daisy's sensibility was one thing that Edward admired the most with his wife. She was a woman of good behavior and judgment. She had her own ideas and knew how to stand her ground. She wasn't the type who was easily influenced by the crowd. Moreover, she didn't like wasting time on unimportant things.

"No wonder that she's never been angry with me for being close to you." Leena smiled as she thought of how different Daisy was with Patricia. She couldn't blame her best friend though. After all, there had been a lot of men who committed affairs with their wives' best friends. It was probable that Patricia was seeing her as an imaginary enemy. 'Why did she misunderstand Tom and me? Is it because pregnancy is pressuring her? Or is it because she is not confident enough? Everyone in S City knows about my relationship with Tom. Doesn't she know? I regard both of them as my family. How on earth did our relationship turn out like this?' she silently thought.

"Why did you ask? Did Patricia say something to you?" Edward frowned while thinking, 'There must be something wrong with her and Patricia. She wouldn't be this hesitant if things are going smoothly.'

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