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   Chapter 1596 Female Soldier (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8005

Updated: 2019-04-24 01:08

"What is wrong with him?" Leena whispered in Daisy's ear. She was momentarily concerned by Edward's uncharacteristic snappiness.

"Just ignore him. I think it's that time of the month," Daisy quipped with Leena, while they joined Leena and Kevin. The soldiers were enjoying the show and they spoke in muted tones. Kevin looked around, searching for Justin.

"Where's Justin? Didn't you bring him tonight?" Kevin changed the subject, noticing Daisy and Edward's disgruntlement.

"We brought him with us, but he's off playing with his friends," Daisy said with resignation. Her son was so naughty and tried her patience. Luckily, this was an army base; she was not as concerned that he would stir up trouble here.

"Daisy, are you going to partake in the talent show? Did you prepare a speech or something?" Leena asked intrigued, as she had seen such an evening party on TV before, and leaders would usually take this opportunity to make a speech. Kevin had presented a fine speech earlier. Leena wondered whether Daisy would follow suit.

"A speech? I know nothing but army jokes." Daisy was not one for talent shows. In such events, she was happy to participate as part of the audience, instead of performing. She suffered from stage fright and she would rather go into battle, than present a talent in front of an audience.

"Ah, but you have clearly underestimated yourself." Edward's reprise was cold.

'What a mean man! Can he still be angry because I teased him about participating in the talent show?' Daisy brooded.

"Look at Justin! He's on the stage!" Leena cried, pointing out the boy on the stage. He looked quite adorable in the mini-sized camouflage uniform.

"Damn it! What is he doing up there? Oh my god, now all the soldiers know I'm here." Daisy covered her face in embarrassment. Unlike his mother, Justin was always so enthusiastic about performing for an audience.

"Are you afraid Justin will make you lose face?" Edward asked excitedly, curious now as to what talent Justin would present to them.

"The following act will be a solo titled: Female Soldier. And the singer is our own little soldier, Justin Mu." Even before the host had finished his announcement, applause cracked out like spring thunder. Many soldiers knew Justin.

"Good evening, everyone! I'm Justin Mu and I dedicate this song to my mother, as a token of my affection and g

containing her anger anymore. This was the army base, not FX International Group; and here, she was the boss!

"Who do you think is acting like a spoiled child?" Edward demanded coldly, narrowing his eyes like a cat about to pounce.

"Daisy, let's hurry up. Otherwise we'll be late with our rounds." Kevin steered Daisy forward by the wrist, tired of their bickering now. He was, however, not concerned about leaving his wife in the company of such an angry man, because he knew Edward doted on Leena and she would calm him down.

"Edward, what happened to you tonight? You were behaving so childishly this evening." Leena pursed her lips and stopped Edward from following Daisy with a small raised hand.

"So, you are on her side?" Edward retorted, though he made no move to shake off her hand. She was pregnant, and he feared hurting her in any way. Helplessly, he watched Daisy's receding figure.

"I was simply asking. Truthfully, I am concerned about you. Even if Daisy did something wrong, you really shouldn't stir up trouble here. The army base is her domain. You could rather have a talk with her later, when you're back home." The weather in the army base was more chilled than in the city, perhaps because it was a suburban area. When the wind blew, Leena couldn't help but shiver.

"When we're back home, a talk will not suffice to calm me down," Edward said with a cunning smile as he took off his coat and without hesitation placed it around her shoulders. He had already decided that he would give Daisy a lesson, so she could remember who was the boss in the family.

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