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   Chapter 1595 Female Soldier (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8321

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"Leena is going with Kevin to the army base? Then I'm also going," Edward said, running a wisp of her hair between his fingers and smelling it.

"Do you really want to go with me?" Daisy beat his hand off with a reproachful glance.

"Yep! Why, can't I?" Edward rubbed his aching hand. 'Ungrateful woman! Why did she have to strike me so hard? It is so cruel of her to treat me, her husband, like this,' he thought to himself.

"Okay, why not? You can come with me." Daisy agreed after a momentary hesitation.

"Daddy, Mommy, where are you going? Can I also come with you?" Justin suddenly appeared from out of nowhere.

"You little brat! Were you eavesdropping, huh?" Edward pinched his son's chubby face with profound sufferance. It was not always easy having a clever child like Justin.

"Don't you even think of leaving home without me," Justin cajoled, looking back and forth between his parents.

"Have you prepared a talent show? If you have, then you may come with us," Daisy said. She was, at times, fed up of having to deal with the cunning father and son duo.

"What? A talent show? What about daddy? Has he prepared something as well?" Justin grumbled, pouting his lips. He hadn't prepared a talent to show off.

"Well, why don't you ask him yourself?" Daisy said, turning away, so Edward would not see her smile. She didn't want him to realize that she was poking fun at him, or she'd never hear the end of it.

"Daddy!" Justin stared at his father wide eyed in anticipation, trying to win Edward's heart with his innocent gaze. But he forgot that Edward was never a soft-hearted man.

"Don't look at me like that. If you want to come with us, ask your mommy." Edward was changing his clothes. He would never stoop to giving a performance in public, unless it was a company speech.

"Mommy, take me with you, please!" Justin pleaded. He knew his mother would never refuse him.

"Let's make a deal first. When you see Aunt Leena, you must not do anything to provoke her. She's pregnant now." The relationship between Leena and Justin was a constant headache. They just couldn't see eye to eye.

"No problem. I promise, I will stay far away from her," Justin immediately promised. He was eager to go to the army base with his parents, and no matter what conditions Daisy imposed, Justin would agree to them all.

"Really? You are not just saying that?" She had to cement an agreement with Justin in advance, as she didn't want to spend the n

ch of his formative years in the army base, and knew most of the soldiers. After bidding goodbye to Daisy, he ran towards some of the soldiers whom he knew.

"Son, don't run about. What if they think you're a spy and arrest you?" Edward teased Justin, but Daisy glared at him with burning eyes. She felt Edward was playing the fool today.

"It's you who might get arrested instead. Mr. Mu, are you here to cause trouble?" Daisy asked coldly. She really began doubting his intention for coming here.

"Don't concern yourself about me. I'm not your responsibility," Edward answered coldly.

"As long as you're in this army base, you are my responsibility, and I should discipline you if you step out of line." Daisy looked around, searching for Kevin and Leena. It was difficult to find them in the mass of similarly dressed soldiers.

"Why don't you go discipline Kevin and Leena? They are also here, after all," Edward retorted.

"Seriously? Kevin is my superior. He would be the one to discipline me. Edward, what is wrong with you tonight?" Daisy gnashed. She finally saw Kevin and Leena. Grabbing Edward by his wrist, she hauled him towards them.

Edward stifled some dry coughs in his fist to conceal his laughter. He was afraid that Daisy would realize that he was baiting her, and in rage drop him to the floor right here. The mere thought of the humiliation that would cause, made him tremble.

"Daisy, there you are. Edward, what are you doing here?" Leena greeted them happily, clearly surprised to see him there.

"You're here. So, why can't I be here?" Edward was feeling at odds with Daisy, and now vented his anger on Leena.

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