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   Chapter 1593 You're Just Edward Mu's Dog (Part One)

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Rain's return to the Ke family did nothing to ease the fight within the KD Group. He became the common enemy of the members of the Ke family, and all eyes were hot on him.

"Why did you cancel my bonus for this quarter?" Cyrus asked with a raised voice as he stormed into the CEO's office. "You're using your position to get back at me for a personal grudge?"

"The money you have filled your own pocket with is much more than that bonus you're demanding." Rain answered him indifferently, unaffected by the outburst. He continued burying himself in the documents as if Cyrus weren't even in the office.

"What did you just say? I stole money from the company? Don't be so quick to accuse me of anything you don't have proof of," he scoffed angrily. "Ridiculous!" With his hands on his hips, he looked down at Rain expectantly. He was positive that Rain was acting solely on a grudge, and had no real proof.

The CEO raised a brow without looking at the other man. "Do you want to see it with your own two eyes, then?" The Ke family thought too much of their cleverness for their own good. They did their business sure that they wouldn't possibly leave any evidence behind, but Rain dug up some dirt quite easily. They had done some significant damage to the company.

"You're bluffing," Cyrus accused as his eyes narrowed. "If you do have proof, show me!" He was in a sour mood because he and his wife had a fight that morning. Rain's attitude was only provoking him, and he let himself vent out all his anger on the bastard.

"So you won't believe me until you see irrefutable evidence, I see?" Rain asked as he slowly stood up with both hands on the table, giving a menacing aura. "I thought I'd let you save face, but it doesn't look like you're learning a lesson." He finally lifted his gaze, cold and straight into Cyrus' eyes. "You want evidence? I'll give it to you." He grabbed a thick stack of documents and threw it haphazardly on the desk with a loud thump. "Here you are. Take a close look." He wanted to see how Cyrus would react when he saw the result of his crimes.

"Rain Xia, are you kidding me? This has nothing to do with me." Cyrus shuffled through the papers in a rattled state. Luckily, he had been smart enough to never sign the documents himself.

"What comes next, hmm? You'll tell me you don't know this person who signed the documents? He was a classmate of yours, wasn't he?" Rain's demeanor was calm, but his tone was almost sneering as he leaned back on his chair and waited for Cyrus' response.

"What? Is it illegal now to hire an old classmate? Does that make me a criminal?" Cyrus' teeth were g

don't come to my office again if you're going to bother me about these trivial matters. I'm too busy for that." Rain dismissed him coldly.

Cyrus pursed his lips and clenched his jaw, restraining himself. "I'm warning you. Do not provoke me again, or I'll expose your identity as a bastard," Cyrus threatened with a point of his finger. He thought that if the people in the company knew about Rain's true background, he wouldn't have anyone on his side. He would be too busy controlling the public opinion to even care about the business. If that was the case, he would never be able to make the necessary changes within three months, Cyrus schemed in his head.

"Do you really think you can simply threaten me like that? I was wondering if your wife knows that you're having an affair with the young model?" Rain threatened back. He was not afraid of the other's threats in the least. Before he took over KD Group, he made sure to prepare for everything, and anything. He had all the dirt on the company's seniors.

"You had me investigated? You bastard!" Cyrus had an image to uphold. If his wife knew that he had an affair, that image would crumble to dust.

"I didn't need to investigate you. Your opponent told me easily enough. If you don't want your own affairs exposed, you'd better stay away from me, and quit trying to provoke me." It was Luke who had investigated them and given Rain the little tip. He was a capable man, and one of the few that Rain trusted.

Cyrus groaned, "Okay, you got me! This doesn't mean you can stay in the company for long. Just you wait and see." He was in no mood to demand for his bonus anymore. He stormed out of the office and banged the door behind him. He had to find a real way to get Rain out of the company.

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