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   Chapter 1591 You're Going To Be A Father (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-04-23 01:57

When their parents learned that Leena was pregnant, they were all ecstatic. Shannon was so happy that she shed a few tears of joy. They all looked forward to becoming grandparents. In her happiness, Shannon went to the temple to thank Buddha for granting her wish of a precious grandchild. Now, all they wanted was for Leena and the baby to be healthy.

On the other hand, Nathan was all smiles after hearing the good news. He was not one to easily show his emotions, regardless if he was happy or sad. But he called Leena to say a few words to her, mainly telling the mother-to-be to take good care of herself, but in his usual stern and strict way. It seemed that he did not dislike his daughter-in-law after all.

"What did dad say to you?" Kevin inquired. He saw Leena hang up the phone after speaking to his father. He was curious because it was surprising for Nathan to call Leena. As far as he knew, his father never called Leena, not even once. Usually, it was their mother who called.

"He told me to eat more and eat healthy now that I'm pregnant. He also told me to be careful and take care of myself and the baby. He said I should not act childish and go away when I want to, because I am no longer alone," Leena recounted Nathan's words. Biting her lip, Leena thought about her conversation with Kevin's father. As he spoke, Leena didn't feel like it was a scolding. He might have sounded stern as if admonishing Leena for a wrong she had done, but the girl felt her father-in-law's concern for her and the baby. Leena decided it was Nathan's way of showing that he cared for her.

"His tone isn't nice, is it? But that's just how he is. He talks that way even with me, so don't mind him," Kevin comforted his wife. He was worried that Leena would be upset if she felt his father was berating her, so Kevin immediately sought to assure her. He didn't want to see his wife become depressed over something that was due to misinterpretation.

It was Leena's turn to assure Kevin. "I'm fine, don't worry. I'm not upset. Besides, I think that he cares more about me now than he did before. He used to be so indifferent to me in the past. But now, he even called me himself. That's a huge step forward, don't you think so? So I am not going to be upset with his manner of speaking." She had put on a pretty smile. The doctor told her

ances when she behaved like a child. He liked this cute Leena, whom he found adorable.

"Of course, all men are like this," Leena mumbled to herself. Her brows remained furrowed. When she first heard Patricia and Michelle complaining to her about their husbands' overprotectiveness, Leena thought they were only exaggerating. Now, she understood they were telling the truth. Men were all like this. They would force you to eat something they thought was good for the baby in the name of caring about the child's health.

"What do you mean by that?" Kevin stopped in his tracks when he heard her words. He turned around and looked at Leena with curious eyes. He wanted to know why his wife said this.

"You care so much about the baby's well-being that you forget your own wife's feelings," she pouted. Leena knew she was acting childish, but couldn't help it. She was not jealous of the baby. But she did feel it was unfair when her husband thought of the baby first.

"Nana, you're wrong. Let me tell you why. If a man doesn't love the woman who's carrying his child, he'll never embrace the baby in her womb. He won't care about them. You know I love you, that's why I also love our baby," Kevin explained. He was aware there were men who only cared for the child, not their wife. But Kevin wasn't like that. He was a husband first. The only way for him to be a good father was to be a good husband. Yes, he cared about the baby's well-being very much, but it didn't mean he cared less about Leena. The truth was, he cared about the baby's mother very much.

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