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   Chapter 1590 You're Going To Be A Father (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6985

Updated: 2019-04-23 01:34

He shrugged apologetically. "I wanted to surprise you, but didn't expect I would end up being surprised," Kevin explained. "I prepared a gift for you. Close your eyes first, and no peeking." Checking that she couldn't see anything, Kevin took out a box that had been inside his pocket the entire time. He opened the box, took the necklace out, and put it around Leena's neck.

"What is it?" Leena asked curiously. But she kept her eyes closed as Kevin told her. Leena still had no idea what her husband got her. Still, her heart melted at the thought that Kevin would buy a gift immediately after his two-month training stint.

"You can open your eyes now," Kevin said softly. He examined the necklace he had put on Leena, and took a deep breath as he admired the way it made her look utterly beautiful. The necklace accentuated her gorgeous neck. Her face nearly glowed with the silver chain, which made her skin lighter. Perhaps, it was pure happiness that made Kevin think he had never seen Leena look this lovely. He was hoping his wife would appreciate the gift.

"Is it a necklace?" Leena asked as she opened her eyes. She had felt Kevin's hands around her neck and made the right guess. It pleased her that he thought of her during his training and presented her with such a wonderful surprise. Leena bet it was a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

"It's actually a ring. But I put it on a silver necklace so you won't ever lose it," Kevin said. His thoughtfulness touched Leena. It was a promise Kevin made to his wife before that he would pick rings for them himself, and he remembered to do it.

"But why are there two rings?" Leena asked as she inspected the necklace. She felt two rings on the silver chain, and this confused her. Did Kevin give her two rings? But why?

"You know that I'm a soldier, correct? So, I'm not allowed to wear a ring when I am at the army base or on a mission. That's why I decided to let you keep my ring, too. This way, you can look at it whenever you think of me. Think of it like I'm beside you all the time. Do you like it?" Kevin said. The

o be extra careful now because of the baby she was carrying. Kevin didn't want anything to happen to the baby or Leena. He knew this child was priceless, a gift from God. And they were both grateful to have the chance to be parents, so Kevin vowed he would take good care of his wife and child.

"Okay, I promise," Leena told her husband. She knew Kevin was both happy and worried about her condition, so she agreed with everything he said to make him worry less about her. Leena knew she had to be careful, and she too was aware of how blessed they were to have a baby on the way. She would not let anything screw this up. Besides, she was also aware that Kevin rarely had free time, and he would not be able to accompany her every time she went shopping.

"Good, that's settled. I'm going down to get the things now. I'll be back in a bit," Kevin said. He was out the door instantly. Meanwhile, Leena immediately walked to the bathroom inside their bedroom. She wanted to have a close look at the gift Kevin gave her just now through the mirror.

She had never been the type of woman who cared a lot about gifts because she was a practical person. But Leena didn't mind receiving a significant gift from her loving husband. And just like every girl who received a gift from her beloved, she was delighted. Leena wanted to inspect the rings that signified their deep love for each other.

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