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   Chapter 1587 Kevin's Return (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6933

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"Hmp!" Hannah stomped her foot and left his office. On her way out, she met Eugenia who seemed to be on the way to meet with Rain as well.

"Hey!" greeted Eugenia in surprise. She glanced at Rain's office door before turning to her. "What's the matter, Hannah? Did you know someone who got fired?" Secretly, the two women had been competing to one-up the other. And after butting heads too often, both of them had agreed that it was best to keep their distance as much as they could.

"Eugenia, shouldn't you be more anxious than me?" Hannah asked politely. "With the things you've done, I'm not surprised you're here." Never underestimate a woman's envy, for even if it were over a trivial matter, they could hold a grudge for a very long time.

"We shouldn't be at each other's throats right now, you know," said Hannah, walking away slowly and facing her. "We have a common enemy, and it's that little bastard in there," She nodded towards Rain's office. When she had joined the Ke family, she didn't know the existence of the man. Only recently did she hear about him, and she wasn't impressed.

"You provoked me first. Why is it my fault now?" asked Eugenia casually. Somewhat headstrong, she wasn't used to admitting defeat. It was a flaw that developed due to coming from a rich family. And she had always found it convenient against her enemies.

"Okay, okay. It's my fault then," Hannah said, "I'm sorry. Is that enough?" Considering the common interests they shared, Hannah had to let go of her pride to appease Eugenia. At any rate, there was plenty of other opportunities for them to compete in the future. Today's mishap required a truce.

"Well..." Eugenia trailed, "It's not like I'm entirely blameless. Why don't we just forget it? I've got something else to do." Since Hannah threw in the towel first this time around, she concluded it was best not to come too aggressively, and didn't push the conversation further.

Watching her enter the President's room, Hannah's eyes turned dark as she dropped the pretense. Did she really think she was

earing his military uniform, Lee noted that Kevin got a tan. It was likely due to the tropical conditions in the foreign country.

"Well, she's okay! Although," said Lee, thinking carefully. "There was that one time the other day when she vomited so much because of the foul-smelling fish odor." He recalled the time when she was cooking fish. Like a true soldier, Lee followed Kevin's instructions without question. Every weekend, he would drop by to see Leena and accompany her.

"What, she vomited?" asked Kevin, starting to worry immediately. "Has she seen a doctor yet?" Keen to find out if his wife was okay, he wished he could see Leena already. And after finding out about her ailment, he couldn't wait for another minute anymore.

"She said it was just the fishy odor that got to her," explained Lee. As Lee was oblivious to Leena's current sensitive condition, he thought it was just a simple stomach ache.

"I didn't know she hated the smell of seafood," Kevin muttered, as they walked out of the airport. A gust of cold wind blew past them. Sighing, he reveled as the cold wind hit his face.

"Ah, I didn't know either," shrugged Lee. Given the fact that Kevin, the husband, didn't seem to know about it, it was ridiculous to expect Lee to possibly know.

"Did you tell her of my return?" Getting in the car, he turned to look at Lee with an expectant look.

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