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   Chapter 1586 Kevin's Return (Part One)

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"Thank you!" exclaimed Rain in exasperation. "In my opinion, the situation in KD Group has become rather complicated!" It was a rare sight to see the man so frustrated. The chaos in KD Group must have really agitated him.

"Well, what else do you think?" questioned Edward. Rain threw him an expectant look. Rolling his eyes, Edward explained, "KD Group is a family business. If you want to have it under control in a short period of time, you'll need to take down nepotism in the office first." As Edward rubbed his chin thoughtfully, Rain snorted at the proposal.

"In that case, I guess they'll just tear me up," said Rain sarcastically. The Ke family's attitude didn't go undetected by him. So he could only imagine what trap and challenges lay in wait at the KD Group. If there was anything to be learned from his past encounters with them, it was that working there would usher in a regular dose of distress and pressure. What fun!

"Well, are you going to cower in fear just because of a challenge?" Smirking, Edward turned his head sideways and glanced at Rain.

"You can't pull back an arrow once it's shot," Rain scoffed, "Do you think I'd quickly get knocked down?" Before entering the KD Group, he was smart enough to make a detailed investigation on the Ke family's existing personnel. A man with a plan, Rain was more than well-equipped to deal with them.

"Good," Edward said, "You've really got some guts there with you." Grabbing his drink on the table, Edward clinked glasses with Rain. A big plan seemed to be in order. And all they needed to do now was patiently wait for the perfect time to set it in motion. The Ke family was about to taste the kiss of betrayal. And they wouldn't know what would hit them.

"Of course, I'm Rain the Invincible," said Rain smugly. Hearing a compliment from Edward himself, Rain couldn't help but feel a bit complacent.

"Just because I praised you, though, doesn't mean you should be overconfident with yourself. You shouldn't underestimate the Ke family!" Then he sniffed and shook his head.

asn't angry because of private interests. The decision just seemed unjustifiable, and she needed people to accomplish her delegation. Under those circumstances, anyone would be just as enraged. So Hannah's reaction was definitely normal.

"The reason why your person lost his position was that, instead of trying to focus on his work, he was too busy provoking me," responded Rain calmly. "As the president of KD Group, should I have no punishment to him as a warning to anyone who wishes to follow his footsteps?" Playing with his signature pen at the tip of his fingers, he gave the woman enough time to let his words sink in. It was a habit that grew more difficult to change.

"Okay, Rain Xia," said Hannah, finally. She glared at him. "Let's see how long you can keep up with this charade of yours." A part of her believed that she was at fault for forgetting to remind her people to follow the rules during this transitional period. And as a result of her negligence, their careless mouths dragged them directly before the muzzle of the gun, becoming the first to be dismissed.

"Why don't we just wait and see then!" Rain said unblinkingly. As she was only a woman who came from a slightly rich family, Rain was impervious to her threats. Did she really think that she could run around and demand things just because she was married to a member of the Ke family?

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