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   Chapter 1585 The King Of S City (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8096

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"I will take that as a yes," Rain said with a smile. He knew what he was going to face without a moment's thought.

Lawrence frowned, but he didn't say anything. He just led him to the elevator. 'Rain looks smarter and more capable than his two brothers,' Lawrence thought to himself in silence.

The short trip was quiet. Lawrence bowed to him respectfully and left when they reached the designated floor. Rain walked to the doors of the conference room and when he entered, everyone's heads turned to look at him with resentful gazes. He felt a shiver run down his spine.

"Hello, everyone. You didn't expect us to meet so soon, did you?" Rain addressed everyone happily. He smirked mischievously and at the back of his mind he thought, 'Just wait, you bastards. I will treat you "well."'

"No one wants to see you, you little bastard. You don't deserve to sit here!" Sheena sneered at Rain and glared at him. She was furious because when she looked at Rain, she remembered how her husband betrayed her.

"Mrs. Ke, you just called me a bastard in front of Mr. Ke. Aren't you afraid he'll get mad?" Rain said ironically as he scanned the people present in the room. He knew all of them except two women.

"Don't try to ruin my relationship with Sanford. Even if you can get into KD Group, you can't go back to our house. As long as I'm alive, you can't get what you want." Sheena hissed at him like he was an annoying little shrew. A cunning woman like her would still be pissed off at Rain.

"Don't worry, I never wanted anything to do with your family. Your house is too dirty for a noble man like me." He had only agreed to help Sanford run the company, but he had no intentions of returning to their home at all.

"Since you despise us so much, then why did you come to KD Group? If I were you, I won't ask for trouble," Vance said haughtily. He thought he was handsome, but when he stood in front of Rain it was as if he was overshadowed by his brother's presence.

"You should ask Mr. Ke that question. You should ask him why he wants me to run your company. Is it because you are all too incompetent to do the job?" When it came to arguments, no one faced off with Rain except Edward. That man was a sophist after all.

"Don't be so arrogant. Do you really think you can save KD Group?" Cyrus said as he scowled at Rain and thought, 'Damn it! Didn't he say he wasn't coming to KD Group? Why i

to take a picture with him, she could show off in front of her classmates.

"Wait for me!" Tiana hollered. If Leena had called him, he would have stopped walking to wait for her at once; but it was Tiana who did, so he hastened his pace to get in the car.

Tiana honestly did not expect Rain to do that to her, so there was nothing she could do but watch him drive away. She felt annoyed at this but she didn't give up the idea of taking a picture with him.

Rain glanced at the receding figure of Tiana through the rear view mirror. He smiled coldly and thought, 'Tiana, though you didn't actually hurt me, you are still Sheena's daughter. You deserved that.'

The car soon turned to a building complex and stopped at the parking space. Rain got out of the car to go inside and made a beeline for the executive lounge. Being back at FX International Group made Rain feel relaxed. The silence and people at KD Group smothered him.

"So, how's it going?" A man in a charcoal gray suit sauntered to him. For the first time, Edward offered him a drink and sat down beside him.

"Everything is fine," Rain said confidently. He knew that this was only the beginning, and he had a lot of things on his plate to face next.

"That's great! You're so awesome! Let's toast to your victory!" Edward said approvingly as he raised his glass of cogniac and made a celebratory toast to him. What they really wanted was not Sanford's property or assets, it was the feeling of superiority that would come from defeating them. They wanted all those who ever looked down at him to know that he was the king of S City.

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