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   Chapter 1584 The King Of S City (Part One)

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Polished leather dress shoes landed on the concrete ground in front of a tall, imposing glass building. It was not as grand as FX International Group, but it was still as famous in S City. The handsomely dressed man walked to the entrance and stepped inside. The opulent crystals of the chandelier glittered when the sunlight hit them as they cast beautiful patterned shadows on the glossy granite tiles of the floor. The man, Rain, didn't expect to enter KD Group so easily, yet less than a week after the wine party, here he was.

The conference room was littered with the company's key people in a heated discussion about something. Although everyone knew that Rain would become the CEO of KD Group, Sanford's family still came to the company to change his mind and persuade him from letting Rain be the acting president of KD Group.

"Daddy, why? Why do you want that little bastard to be CEO of KD Group?" Vance Ke said. He was Sanford's second son. He looked rather arrogant with his hands folded across his chest as he huffed in annoyance.

"Watch your tongue. He is not a bastard. He is your brother." Sanford glared at him as he thought, 'If you guys were as capable as Rain, then I wouldn't have to do this.'

"My brother? He is not my brother!" Vance sneered and his nostrils flared in irritation.

"Vance is right. There's no way Rain will be my brother." An elegantly dressed lady in a red wrap dress beside Vance echoed his sentiments with contempt. She was Tiana, Vance's sister.

An older, yet just as sharp voice added fuel to the fire. "I'm still alive. If that little bastard wants to get into the KD Group, he'll step over my dead body." After all these years, Sheena was still shrewd as ever. Although time had left its mark on her face, her character and attitude were still as fiery.

"Nonsense! I'm not asking for your opinion. I'm telling you that if you have a problem with it, you can leave the house or the company." Sanford glared at them. They all lapsed into silence as he looked so commanding that his presence made the atmosphere in the room tense.

"Dad, we're not against him entering our company. We just think it's too risky for you to let a vice president of another company run our own." A calm but confident voice echoed throughout the room. It was Hannah, Cyrus' wife. As a smart and capable businesswoman, she held a high position at KD Group.

"I agree with Hannah. Dad, everything is fine in our company. Why are you

her. He thought, 'Do you think you're still that same rich lady?' He knew that ever since her eldest brother took over their family business, he had never given her any help or assistance.

After being exposed by this little revelation from Sanford, Sheena suddenly blanched. He was right. Before KD Group encountered any difficulties, her brother was generous to her. However since that misfortune, he had turned his back on her.

Meanwhile, downstairs at the building's lobby, Rain had entered KD Group's premises. As soon as he stepped inside, a middle-aged man walked towards him.

"Mr. Xia, nice to meet you. I am Lawrence, the legal adviser of your Dad. I've been working for him for many years. He told me to wait here for you," Lawrence greeted him. When Lawrence saw Rain, his eyes went a little red and he suddenly remembered Rain's mother. They looked so much alike.

"Nice to meet you, too. Lawrence. Just call me Rain, if you don't mind. By the way, he is not my father," Rain said back. Rain wore a piercing dark navy blue suit for this day. From the suit's design, to its craftsmanship and intricate details, it was not difficult to see that his suit was tailored by a famous designer. It was actually a suit from LN FASHION, a stylish and dapper label especially chosen for him by Leena.

"No, no, no. I can't call you like that. You're the new CEO of KD Group after all," said Lawrence in slight trepidation. It was rumored that Rain was an incompetent fellow, but when Lawrence saw him, he found him to be quite charming and impressive in the way he carried himself, which was totally different from what the reports claimed.

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