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   Chapter 1583 His Mind Changed (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7800

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"Got it. I'll sleep on it." Rain said, deep in thought. He had thought that the more isolated he could be from that family, the better he would feel. But Edward's idea made him uncertain what to do next. According to Edward, he should consider taking their money by manipulating the situation, why should he decline it if they offered the opportunity to him?

Edward observed Rain thoughtfully. He hadn't asked Rain to defend his position before, because it wasn't good timing then. But, now everything was ready. He just hoped Rain could fight for himself, not for the sake of the family property, but for his standing with the Ke family.

In the following days, Rain continued pondering his options. He had previously made lots of assumptions, but they were being overturned now. He hadn't wanted to communicate with anyone in the Ke family.

His hesitation was ended by an incident which finally made up his mind.

Rain was always making public appearances as the Vice President of FX International Group. This wine party was no exception. Unexpectedly, he was confronted by one of the Ke family members, the eldest son of the Ke family, who had voiced the biggest disapproval of Rain.

"Since when are they inviting anyone to a high-end wine party?" Cyrus Ke said with a sarcastic smile. He regarded Rain proudly, his eyes full of contempt.

"I couldn't agree with you more. Why, I can hear dog's barking in this very place?" Rain fought back lightly. He hadn't sought trouble, but Cyrus had launched the first assault. 'You wanna do it the hard way, right?' He thought.

"Who's the dog?" Cyrus ground his teeth, staring hard at Rain. If his father hadn't asked this rogue to take over the company, he would not have bothered himself to pick a fight with Rain.

"The one who barked at my question." Rain replied, behaving like a punk as usual. He was calmly making fun of the eldest son of the Ke family.

"Humph! Do not deceive yourself into believing that you could come back to our home, just because my dad suddenly thinks highly of you. Let me tell you straight, it's impossible. Don't forget that my mom is still there!" Cyrus said with a sinister smile. As long as his mom was in the Ke family, the bastard would never have any chance at setting foot into that house.

"Let me clarify something: In

Rain, but he had no release for his anger when Rain left him so proudly. All he could do was clench his teeth and ball his fists. He wanted to slap the smile off of Rain's handsome face. His father had been attracted to Rain's mother because of the same enchanting features. Then she gave birth to the bastard Rain, who now fought over the fortune with him. He had been squabbling with every last one in his family already. Now, there was another unexpected contender. With enemies inside and outside, how could Cyrus not feel exasperated?

Compared to Cyrus, Rain felt more cheerful. He had just won the first round of the game. The sense of achievement was more fulfilling than securing a lucrative tender. Cyrus now paid attention to him, which meant he possessed something that scared Cyrus. So, Cyrus tried to scare him off with intimidation.

He had previously felt insulted and cursed by them, because of his inferiority complex. But today, he would not let history repeat. 'So, Cyrus, get ready, because I have a huge surprise for you! I promise, you will not like it.' Rain thought.

The Ke family, with a long history, was one of the noblest families in S City. It was Cyrus's father who had taken KD Group to the top and turned it into a business empire. But the company had sadly begun to back slide over the past two or three years, because Cyrus's father stepped down. Even so, the company wouldn't be closed down that easily, since it possessed a firm foundation. But it was just no longer as steady as before, when in it's full glory.

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