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   Chapter 1582 His Mind Changed (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8115

Updated: 2019-04-22 04:19

"Were you on the beach?" Leena asked, daintily wiping her mouth with a napkin. 'No wonder he didn't answer my calls. He needed time away in a pure environment to heal himself. I just hope that it worked.' She thought.

"Um! I realized just how dirty the atmosphere in the downtown area has become, so I needed the ocean breeze and some freedom, to clear my mind." Rain said, smiling dazzlingly. The smile appeared strange on his normally melancholy features, and it revealed how handsome and elegant his face could be. Clearly, he had inherited his attractive attributes from his mother, not his father.

"Dig in! Eat! I have prepared all this yummy food, they're all your favorite dishes." Leena encouraged. She had been greatly concerned about him and had spent the whole afternoon preparing his favorite foods to make him feel at home with the comfort of wholesome dishes to enjoy.

"Girl, why are you suddenly so nice to me?" Rain was moved by Leena's efforts, but he asked the question off handedly, trying to hide how affected he felt. Over the years, he had often spoiled her, because of her beauty and kindness; he had nursed a secret desire to see their relationship reach fruition.

"Why do you think?" Leena asked, batting her eyelashes seductively. Then she vanished in to the kitchen, wrapped in an air of innocence.

"You want my body, right?" Rain called after her with a teasing smile and raised eyebrow. It seemed that he had finally banished his bad mood. It was pleasant to tease and joke with Leena.

"Sure, Rain, you're pretty handsome. But, sorry, no! I like a man full of vigor. You're just not my type." Leena said laughing at their game of tease. She settled at the table next to him, an elegant blush spreading on her beautifully rounded face.

"How am I not your type? Look at this perfectly triangular figure. Don't underestimate me." Rain argued seriously, lifting up his shirt to show off his lean, muscular frame. He was a perfect example of "Being skinny with clothes on and muscular without them."

"Puff! Rain, I was talking about the spirit, not the body!" Leena laughed so hard that she spewed some soup out into the hastily raised napkin.

"Wow. Girl, you obviously take me for a pig, right? Look at all this food! Are you serious? You're jealous of my sexy figure, and now you are trying to fatten me up like a pig, right?" Honestly though, Rain was deeply touched by Le

ind: you have the might and power of the FX International Group at your back." Edward said with an evil smile. Daisy was right; Edward was a devious businessman.

"In this way I would take KD Group back to it's former glory indirectly, won't I?" Rain sat up as insight dawned, looking at Edward. 'What a holy-shit idea from him? He must have known that I've been looking forward to seeing KD Group's downfall. It would be very kind and merciful of me not to take advantage of the situation and give them a further hit. Why did he think I would turn the tide in their favor?' He thought.

"Have you thought this through? You could manipulate the situation and establish your own dominance in KD Group, then everybody there would be at your beck and call." Edward said, revealing his ultimate goal. He wanted the people, who all used to look down upon Rain, to rely on him for their living. This was not an easy strategy, but in the long run a much more satisfying way to get back at them.

"Let me think about it." Rain said, his mental gears grinding at Edward's idea. If this succeeded he would finally win respect for his mother! He hesitantly considered the complicated dynamics of the Ke family's network.

"Let me know your answer, once you've made up your mind. We're not short of investment opportunities, but KD group is ripe for the taking, why not do it? Besides, the Ke family owes you, doesn't it? I know you don't give a shit about them, but there's no reason for you not to profit from the people who mistreated you." This was Edward. He would find a way to take advantage of someone who owed him.

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