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   Chapter 1580 The Bastard (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7078

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"Yeah! You will find some for me, won't you?" Her voice was laced with honey and her look was so innocent.

"Of course. Anything you want. Let's go and buy some together," Luke said, grinning. Her innocent look melted his heart like an ice cream in hot summer. He was ready to turn the world upside down for her. And today he had plenty of time to spoil her. Today, he belonged to no one but her.

His earnest look filled her heart with the sweetest joy. Without any glamorous words, he easily took her breath away. Michelle remembered a saying- 'Happiness is a choice. There will always be stress in life, but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not.' With Luke by her side, she knew that she was blessed with incredible happiness every single second of her life.

Rain drove all the way to the beach. He desperately needed to breathe in some cool sea air to calm down. The ocean breeze gently brushed against his face. For just a moment, he felt refreshed. His heart was hurt badly and it ached so much to even think about the past.

As he walked along the shore barefooted, Rain could feel the roughness of the sand under his feet. The waves splashed against the small rocks, wet his trousers and washed away his footprints as he walked. The water was cold, but he couldn't care less. His mind was occupied with something even colder.

His life was a ridiculous farce! He felt like he was living in a TV drama. He wondered if anything surrounding him was ever real. Rain curled up his lips and grinned bitterly. What a joke! The ancient Ke family, the unspoken and honorable family that represented power and privilege. But, in his eyes, they were nothing. He despised them and everything they represented.

His hands rolled into tight fists as he thought about his mother. Back then, his mother must have suffered greatly in the Ke family. She was seen as a despicable mistress and was never treated with respect. Tears formed in his eyes as he thought about his humble mother being humiliated by others. His mother had no choice. She was tricked into the ill-fated relationship. She had

it's end.

Eventually, Leena came to her senses. She pressed her lips into a tight line, forcing herself to calm down. Slowly, she moved towards the sofa and sat down. Panicking wouldn't solve the issue at hand. She had to remain calm for Rain's sake. As she stared at her phone, she quickly thought of other possible ways to contact Rain.

She started to text their other friends. They all came back with positive replies. As she talked to more people, she gradually accepted that Rain would be alright. She chose to believe Edward's words- Rain wanted to be alone at the moment. He needed space and time to deal with his problems. As his friends, the best thing they could offer him right now, was to give him time to heal. Leena agreed with Edward. She put away the mad thoughts in her little head and chose to step away from the phone and wait.

Leena's calls were pointless at this point because Rain had left his phone in his car. He didn't even hear the phone ringing. He was sitting on a big rock by the shore, staring aimlessly into the distance. The sea breeze gently tossed his hair back as he raised his head to look at the horizon.

He looked like a motionless statue from afar. To Rain, the word 'Bastard' was a disgrace. He absolutely hated it. He would rather have been an orphan like Luke than a bastard. 'Bastard...What a disgusting identity,' thought Rain. He felt sick to the stomach.

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