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   Chapter 1579 The Bastard (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7359

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Edward saw the confident look on her face. He didn't want to dishearten her, so he gave up and said, "Alright then, you take care of yourself on your way back. Drive carefully and please remember to call me once you are home." Leena gave him a wide smile. His caring words warmed her heart and she felt blessed to have friends like him in her life. Edward looked at her kind smile and wondered if Kevin was properly attending to her needs as much as he should. Patting her softly on the shoulder, Edward sighed silently. He just couldn't help worrying about her safety.

"Relax. I will call you as soon as I reach home. Stop nagging me," said Leena, giggling and shaking her head at his over-protectiveness. Edward waved and smiled awkwardly as she quickly walked away from him.

'Come on! I wasn't trying to nag you,' thought Edward. However, he didn't say anything to her. He watched her walk swiftly to her car, as if she was trying to escape from him. Edward laughed at his little sister's enthusiasm. It was about time he took off too. He was indeed worried about Rain, but there was still work to be done.

Meanwhile, Luke and Michelle were taking a slow walk down an empty street near the hospital. Luke had learned that short walks were suited for pregnant ladies. Leena had guessed it right - Luke was truly enjoying the time with his beautiful pregnant woman. Although it was nothing extravagant, Luke still cherished this precious moment with Michelle.

"Luke, are you sure that you are not needed at the company right now?" Michelle gazed warmly at her husband.

"Don't worry about it. I arranged other guards for Mr. Mu according to his demands before I took my leave to come and see you," Luke said, giving her a reassuring look. Ever since he had admitted his love for her, he had become gentler. Although he was still a man of few words, he had all the patience in the world for his beloved wife and was willing to talk to her as much as possible. Michelle felt the same way towards him too. She was obsessed with this man. She had never thought that one day she would actually live her dream life with a beloved and devoted husband and their soon-to-be-born child. Sometimes,

was the only thing she ever wanted.

"No. It is far from being even. I owe you way too much. I will spend the rest of my life loving you without any reserve. And I will never let you feel lonely again. You deserve the world and I will strive everyday to give it to you." Michelle's heart was beating too fast. For a moment, she thought she was in heaven. Her eyes brimmed with tears of happiness. Her heart was full now. Luke's stern yet gentle face attracted all her attention that she couldn't look away from him for one second. Lost in her wildest thoughts, she almost forgot how to breathe.

She was grateful that she never gave up on him. Her pursuit to gain his love and her confidence were unwavering. Of course, there were times along the way when she had thought of giving up. However, she wiped away her tears and loved him more everyday. At the end of the thorny road, she found her roses and he finally recognized her love and now they were expecting a child together. Her life was blissful.

Love was in the air. She could feel it. He had completely given her his heart just as she had wanted. She couldn't possibly think of a life without him anymore. She smiled and shook away her tears. "Luke, I am craving for strawberries. Could you get me some?" Her eyes were still wet as she softly asked him.

"Right now?" Luke asked her, raising one of his brows. It wasn't strawberry season yet. Where on earth could he source the sweet berries for her?

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