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   Chapter 1577 The Ke Family (Part Two)

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"Thank you, Mr. Mu, for taking care of Rain for so many years," Sanford Ke said. He deeply regretted abandoning Rain all those years ago, and he was not surprised that Rain treated him with disdain.

"Rain is my best friend. It is fitting that I look out for him," Edward answered, indifferent to the expression of gratitude. Sanford Ke could tell from his words that Edward blamed him. As a friend, Edward had taken better care of Rain than his own father, who abandoned him, ever had. Edward was a cunning fox; he subtly scolded Rain's father with the carefully chosen insult.

Leena staggered into the private lounge, pulled along by Rain, his hand still locked onto hers. She sensed that Rain's strange behavior had something to do with the old man. She didn't know who the old man was, but she chose not to ask Rain about him.

"Don't ask me anything," Rain declared, releasing her numb fingers. He poured a glass of water and finished it in one big gulp.

"Sure." Leena rubbed her throbbing fingers. She saw Rain's bad mood and decided to rather keep quiet.

Edward and Sanford Ke entered the room, followed by Daisy and Mark. Wisely, Mark said nothing and quietly chose a seat.

"Have a seat, please." Edward offered Sanford Ke a seat.

"Thank you, Mr. Mu." Sanford Ke studied Rain intensely, but the latter ignored him.

"When did you return home, Mr. Ke? I thought you were still abroad," Edward asked casually. No matter how much Edward disliked the Ke family, he had paid attention to them because of Rain.

"I returned not long ago. As for the reason, well, I guess you already know it. After all, you're a businessman also." Sanford Ke sighed sorrowfully. He felt ashamed of the state of his family affairs.

"Yes, I've heard rumors about your family's dealings, but I don't know the exact details," Edward answered. The Ke family was still a rich and powerful family in S City, despite their recent decline. Lately, Sanford Ke's sons and grandsons were scrambling for their inheritance of the family properties. This had become a hot topic, with much public speculation.

"Alas! I have two unfilial sons. They wait anxiously for my death, so they can carve up my company." His sons were both senior members of the company; their greed would divide the company holdings, and bankruptcy would not be far off.

"Hmm! How's it possible? You are still counting on them to support you," Rain snorted. He had never accepted being abandoned by his father. He had often been called "bastard" and "son of a bitch" when he was a kid. And that might be part of the reason why he became such a cynic growing up.

"Rain, I sincerely invite you to come back home and take over the running

do you just want to use him to save your company?" After having listened to their conversation, Daisy had formed a rough idea about the story and didn't agree at all with Sanford Ke's request. The family members of the Ke family were squabbling amongst each other for family properties. Sanford Ke wanted Rain, who had never even been admitted as a member of the family, to get involved in their fight. Daisy couldn't understand how Sanford Ke could be so cruel to Rain. He had never treated Rain as his son, but now wanted to use him as a tool to save his company. Daisy felt she should speak up for Rain. She pushed back her chair to do just that.

"And you are?" Seeing her stand to speak, Sanford Ke asked in confusion. He really didn't know who she was, as he had been abroad for two years, and had just returned because of the family crisis.

"She is my wife. She is a straightforward person. Please don't mind it if she says something unpleasant," Edward said in a calm voice. He continued being polite to Sanford Ke, simply because the latter was his friend's father. If it weren't for that, he would have asked his men to throw the old man out.

"No, I don't mind. Mrs. Mu, I've heard what a remarkable woman you are! To reach the rank of senior colonel at such a young age." Sanford Ke had been focused on Rain and only now did he begin to notice the others. He then looked at the girl who Rain had grabbed by the hand. Sanford Ke remembered suddenly that the girl was Duke Leng's younger sister. 'Is Rain and the girl in a relationship now? Does this mean that the Leng family will also help Rain?' Sanford Ke mused joyfully.

"You are flattering me, needlessly," Daisy answered coldly. She disliked Sanford Ke, and she wouldn't be polite to him like her husband. She was above false flattery.

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