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   Chapter 1575 The Most Precious Person (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8532

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"But, you just got pregnant. That wasn't easy. You need Giselle more than we do." If Leena had gotten pregnant soon after the marriage just like Michelle and Patricia, Belinda would not feel so nervous for her.

"Don't worry, Belinda. I'll be fine. And besides, the baby was fate, not an accident." Every baby was a gift from God. If this gift didn't belong to her, she would not force it and would accept that. She had the patience to wait for her gift.

Belinda stayed at Grand Apartment and didn't leave until late afternoon. Spencer was fussy and crying, so Belinda had to leave in a hurry. Leena was alone again, but everything was peaceful.

Eventually, Leena stepped into the building of FX International Group. Anna congratulated her the moment she saw her, and Leena's face turned red from shyness. She thanked Anna and fled into the president's office.

"What's the hurry? A ghost chasing you? Don't run like that. It's not good for the baby." Seeing Leena rush into the office, Edward frowned and scolded her in a serious tone.

"Thanks, I never would have known that," Leena said sarcastically. She stuck her tongue out naughtily. Her fight or flight instincts kicked in when Anna congratulated her, so she ran.

"Ah. A difference of opinion. How do I get you to be more careful? Something to drink? Milk?" Finger on the intercom, Edward waited for her reply.

"No, thanks. I'm not thirsty now." Leena took off her coat and sat down on the sofa. Winter was on the way, and it was getting colder these days.

"Daisy will be here soon. Let's go out for a bite." Edward talked with her while focusing on his work. A file needed his comments and approval urgently, so he was working on it, his brow fixed and intent. Leena was used to it. She grabbed a magazine beside her and began to go through it to kill time.

"Isn't she on base now?" Leena asked, after being quiet for a while.

"She sometimes gets business here to deal with. So we decided to have lunch together." Edward took a look at her and then lowered his eyes and focused on the documents again.

"Oh! Got it. I'll grab Rain." Leena recalled that Rain was in a blue mood earlier when he drank with her. She decided to go check on him.

"He's not here. He went out to see a client. Just sit tight for a bit. I'll be done soon." This was really an urgent set of files, so he had to deal with them as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would have given her his full attention.

"Oh. I see." Then, Leena stopped talking with him in order not to disturb him. She began

er. He stared at that lady who was laughing loudly, teeth gritted. She'd grown up so much.

"Yeah, of course, it's okay. It's just, you are too funny." Leena tried hard to stop laughing. Hearing Edward's plan made her think of Duke, who was also pondering buying a gift for her unborn baby. The two men deserved each other.

"Hey, what are you talking about? What's so funny? I could hear you laughing all the way down the hall." Daisy suddenly appeared in the doorway, still decked out in her olive-green military uniform.

"Oh hey, Daisy. Ask Edward! You may laugh, too." Leena stayed close to Edward. It was a normal picture for Daisy. She'd already got used to the way they got along and she did not think it was anything inappropriate.

"Hey. I didn't expect you so soon. Finish up early?" Edward would never show any embarrassment in front of his wife. So he changed the subject.

"Yeah, it went faster than we thought. Hi Leena, been here long?" Daisy walked to the desk. She picked up Edward's glass and drank some water. She had been busy at work the whole morning and now she felt a bit thirsty.

"I just got here. I planned to have a nice meal with Edward. But he said you're going out for lunch," Leena said in a seemingly annoyed tone, as if she was the drama queen.

"Oh, really? I know when I'm not wanted," Daisy said and pretended to leave.

"She's joking, honey. Relax." Edward stood up and walked to Daisy with deep and tender eyes. He found the fire left Daisy's eyes, and she became more easy-going now. She didn't used to joke in the old days -- in fact, she had nothing to joke about. But now, here she was, making fun of Leena. That was not like the old Daisy.

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