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   Chapter 1574 The Most Precious Person (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8285

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Everyone was delighted to hear that Leena was pregnant. The gang blessed her and her baby sincerely, and Belinda stopped by, her precious newborn baby in tow.

"Oh, Spencer. Awww... Let me hold him." Leena reached out so Belinda could place Spencer in her arms. Belinda and her baby were radiant in the sun, the rays shining through the leaves to create a checkerboard of shadows on everyone there.

"Probably not a good idea. You're pregnant right now, and we don't want you to strain yourself!" It was a Herculean effort for Leena to get pregnant with all those physical examinations and medicines. Belinda wouldn't allow Leena to do something risky, even a little.

"Hey, easy, dear. I'm pregnant, not dead. Hand him over, please." Leena's beautiful face turned red thanks to Belinda's teasing.

"Don't think so. Your baby is a gift from God. Can't be too careful." Belinda headed into the house with Spencer in her arms. Ever since Spencer was born, he was all Belinda focused on. Duke was very unhappy with it, claiming that Belinda did not care for him as his wife. Men were obviously childish in love. Spencer was still a baby, and his son, to boot. How could he be jealous of him?!

"Yeah, well, I can take care of myself. Don't worry. Where's Duke? Didn't see him. He wasn't supposed to leave you two alone!" Leena combed her long hair with her fingers, trying to tidy it up. She was too excited to fall asleep last night, and it was the wee hours before she finally did. Early birds were beginning to chirp when she finally closed her eyes. She hadn't been up for long when Belinda and Spencer arrived. She hadn't even had time to get herself ready for the day.

"He's in the office now. He only has weekends off. He's not supposed to stay home. Actually he's worried about you, so he sent me by to check on you." Belinda placed Spencer on the soft sofa. That little boy even rolled over so he could sit up. He was a quiet child, so obedient and cute.

"Worried about me? Why? I'm all good! Right, Spencer?" Leena bent over and left a soft kiss on Spencer's plump face.

"Kevin will be back soon, right? He's been gone for like a month." If she were Leena, she'd never be able to get used to that. Why marry if your husband wouldn't be around? Being a soldier's wife was not an easy job for most women.

"Don't think so. We'll have a long wait ahead of us. He said the assignment was for two months." Leena raised her eyes to look at Belinda.


o cute, with a round, pink face. He even looked like a girl sometimes.

"Duke said he'd send Giselle over to take care of you. I thought you should know." More news from Belinda, and this time Leena was speechless. She didn't even know how to respond to this news.

"No, Belinda. If Giselle comes here, what about you? You need her help!" Leena gave Belinda a confused look. True, there were lots of servants in Leng house. But Giselle was the best. She was the one who made out the chore lists for the other servants. It would be chaos if she wasn't there. What was more, Spencer was still a newborn. He needed to be looked after carefully. Would Duke be okay leaving him with just anyone?

"Don't worry about that. My mother's coming to help with Spencer. I'm going back to work soon. Duke is so tired of dealing with two companies. It's time for me to go back." Belinda felt sorry for Duke. He was her husband. When she saw him almost exhausted managing the two companies, her heart ached. So, after careful consideration, Belinda decided to return to work. She would not handle everything like before. Instead, she would work as an assistant to reduce Duke's workload. Duke would be the acting CEO who gave orders, and she would be the consultant.

"Back to work? So soon? If that's the case, you need Giselle even more! Tell you what: keep Giselle. We'll manage everything here. What's more, I'm not too big. I can take care of myself right now." Leena insisted that Giselle stay at Leng House. She could hire a professional nanny to help her when she couldn't handle herself. She could afford it, anyway. Money was never a problem for her.

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