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   Chapter 1573 A Pleasant Surprise (Part Two)

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Tom opened his mouth to try and console her but eventually decided against it. There was a clear wedge between them. No matter how hard they tried now, they couldn't just go back to the way they used to be around each other.

After a long while, the nurse finally came in with the results. She put them on the desk in front of Tom.

Before picking up the documents, Tom gulped and cast a glance in Leena's direction. He found that she was shaking, her face as pale as death itself.

"Would you like a glass of water first?" As Tom spoke, he poured out a glass of warm water for her. Hesitantly, he put his hands on her shoulders to comfort her. Slowly, he went behind his desk and picked up the report.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up. His gaze turned to Leena in disbelief, who was still avoiding looking at him. Tom bubbled with excitement. He was eager to share the great news with her but stood stock still. He feared that the nurse had brought him the wrong documents, so he double checked the patient's name on it.

"Leena, have you been feeling different lately?" Tom asked. He was too afraid to speak out the truth. He felt like he was in a dream and could be roused to the bitter reality any moment.

"Feeling different? How?" Leena shot him a questioning look. She didn't understand what Tom was trying to imply. Why would she feel any different?

"Have you felt uncomfortable recently?" Tom continued as he perused the results in his hands. Finally, he heaved a long sigh of relief once he reached the end of the report.

"No. But I wake up late in the mornings. Maybe I don't sleep so well these days." Leena gave Tom an embarrassed smile. She really missed Kevin. Sometimes, it was hard to fall asleep at night without him.

"Come over here," Tom ordered her quickly.

"What? Why?" Leena walked up to him in confusion.

"I just want to hug you." Before she could say anything, Tom pulled her into his arms and rested his head on her shoulder tenderly.

"Tom, is this because the results are so bad that you just want to comfort me?" Leena asked. Her heart felt like it was shattering. She had prepared herself for the worst this morning, but if Tom actually said the result out loud, she might not be able to accept her bad luck.

"No, you silly girl! Congratulations!" Ever since Tom came to know that Leena was infertile, he hadn't laughed in such a carefree manner. Now, he felt buoyant and happy. Today's results were a miracle. He couldn't help

excited now than when Patricia was pregnant.

"Sure." Leena was over the moon. Until now, she had never felt that life could be so beautiful. Silently, she thanked God for this much-awaited gift.

Leena still felt like she was in a dream when she left the hospital. She walked back to her car carefully. The obstetrician had told her all the precautions she needed to take. She needed to fully comply with them. This baby was hard-won. Leena would do everything she could to protect it. Following those instructions was a small price to pay.

The person she wanted to share this news with the most was not here. How she wished she could throw herself into his arms and kiss him! He had promised her that he would call her, but he hadn't even left her a message. It puzzled her. She wondered if he was still training, or if the competition had already begun.

Leena imagined how excited Kevin would be when he learned that he was going to be a father. Picturing it, Leena felt like she could burst with happiness. She smiled widely to herself.

She stroked her belly as softly as she could, as if afraid she would scare the baby away. It was still just a fertilized egg. She had nothing to worry about.

"My baby, thank you," she spoke to the baby. "Thank you for choosing me to be your mother. Thank you for bringing us this happiness. In future, I promise to love you and protect you with my life, so you grow up healthy and sound.

I can't give you all the wealth in the world, nor can I promise you'd be the most fortunate person alive, but I will shower you with the purest love of a mother. I'll try my best to keep you happy, my child."

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