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   Chapter 1572 A Pleasant Surprise (Part One)

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Kevin had been practicing overseas for ten hours a day. The sessions were so grueling that he sometimes wondered if he was not at a training base but in a living hell.

He had promised Leena he would call her daily, but he hadn't had the time to do so even once. He had been here for a month already. His body was sore and ached all day long. Kevin had no time to spare to Leena or his family.

At the training base, Kevin was not a Major General. He was an ordinary soldier — just like the others. He had no privileges or a sense of superiority. Everyone was equal here.

His feet were worn and his arms had cuts and bruises all over — it was not unusual among the soldiers here. They not only needed to train land battle skills, but also to improve on air and naval combat. The practice made them stronger and more able soldiers.

His companions included some western soldiers. Kevin was as tall as they were but less muscular. That didn't mean that he was too weak to fight them or that he lagged behind. Kevin was highly skilled in unarmed and hand-to-hand combat. He proved to be a good match for them.

Once, they were practicing high altitude jumps. One of the soldiers was new to the training and frightened. He was about to jump. On an impulse, he grabbed Kevin, who was standing behind him. They took the fall together. Anyone else would find it a jarring experience and be rattled, but Kevin was an exception. He opened his parachute in accordance with the steps, the very picture of calm vigilance. Both of them landed safely.

Since then, Kevin had developed quite a reputation among the soldiers. The incident counted among his many achievements. Many admired him for his courage and composure. Kevin always had eyes on him and would take the lead in every project. The soldiers addressed Kevin as "The Soldier King" in reverence. His intense training during the time Leena had left him certainly had an impact on his performance.

They jumped through burning flames, crept forward in muddy waters and climbed high mountains. This not only strengthened their bodies — it increased their agility, discipline and more importantly, made them more fearless.

People admired soldiers for they looked so handsome in military uniforms, but little did they know how dangerous their training sessions were. Sweat and blood had turned them into excellent assets. Being in the military was not just about surface heroism. The ordinary people who had not enlisted in the army would n

examination." Tom stood up and made his way to the examination room. His voice was remote and emotionless, and his face had turned dark.

Leena's heart broke when she saw Tom's reaction. 'Am I wrong? Patricia seems to have an objection to the way Tom and I behave with each other. What should I do? I don't want to lose either of them!' she thought, perplexed.

"Aren't you coming with me?" Tom asked Leena, his tone cold. He noticed that she didn't follow him. In the past, she would have immediately looped her arm through his. But now, she kept a certain distance from him. It confused him and made him uncomfortable.

"Uh..." Leena caught up to Tom. She was worried about him. He had never spoken to her in such a cold manner before. It looked like she had really hurt him.

Once the examination was over, Leena looked at Tom uneasily and waited for his final judgment. Deep down, she expected to hear about her misfortune once again. What could have changed in such a short time?

"Are you feeling nervous?" Tom softened his voice at her sad expression. He might be disappointed with her decision of distancing herself, but she was still his sworn sister.

"A little." Leena smiled weakly. She was indeed a bundle of nerves. It felt like she was almost suffocating.

"Don't worry. You have faced worse situations before, haven't you?" Unconsciously, Tom reached out in an attempt to hold her. But as soon as he remembered her resolution to keep him at arm's length, he withdrew and stepped back.

"I know I have. But I just can't help it." Leena clutched at her dress, wringing it nervously. Each second that passed by felt like a year to her.

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