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   Chapter 1571 Feeling Depressed (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6007

Updated: 2019-04-20 10:59

"Don't worry about me. I'll take care of myself," responded Leena as she patted the military uniform he was wearing with her palm.

"Okay, if you said so. I'll call you sometime. Wait for me." As soon as he finished speaking, Kevin grabbed Leena's face and gave her a deep kiss. It was passionate but it didn't last long enough. He immediately withdrew himself and then left as fast as he could just before he even changed his mind.

Leena was left at the door as she watched him leave. He had not gone far yet but she was already missing him. Tears welled up in her eyes as she followed his figure.

He would be away for two months on this mission. Two months wasn't long but it seemed like it was for Leena. Therefore, she planned to use the two months to deal with her own work and keep herself busy.

One day, Leena went to Edward's house but none of them were home. Thus, she drove to visit Michelle's house instead, which wasn't that far from the Mu's residence.

"Leena, why are you here?" Michelle was so happy to see Leena. She had asked for a leave from school due to her pregnancy. She decided to stay home alone, which was actually boring.

"I was supposed to see Edward and Daisy but I heard that they were on vacation." Leena took a sip of the water that the maid handed her and thought, 'It's very rare that Daisy has time to go on vacation.'

"Yes. They went to the surrounding city for two days. I think they'll be back tomorrow night." Michelle answered and smiled. It was obvious how she had matured a lot since her pregnancy. She had turned gentler and nicer, just like how expecting mothers were.

"I see. I was just wondering why Daisy had the time to hang out." Leena thought that Daisy should be busier nowadays since Kevin wasn't around.

"Kevin's bee

t inherited from Yakira.

"Yes. Let me buy you a dinner to welcome you home." Leena patted her chest with pride. She looked more like a tomboy than a rich lady.

"Lucky me." Brian said and didn't even turn her offer down.

"Let's go. I'll ask the cook to make something special for you." In fact, the two of them were not so familiar with each other. However, they felt comfortable after exchanging some few words. It seemed that they were both very extroverted people.

"That would be great." Brian followed her in. It was the first time that he had been at the Fragrance, thus, he couldn't help looking around. He was pleased with the wonderful decorations of the place.

They had a delicious dinner. Brian shared some interesting stories to her about overseas. They both studied abroad, thus, they got along very well. However, good times were always so short. After saying goodbye to Brian, Leena began to feel lonely and bored again.

Leena missed Kevin like crazy as soon as she stepped into their home. She wondered how good it would be if she had a child to accompany her whenever Kevin was away. God knew how tired and lonely she was and how much she yearned to have a baby.

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