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   Chapter 1569 Feeling Depressed (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6230

Updated: 2019-04-20 07:01

Leena looked blankly at the soldiers who just fled. Then she turned to Kevin and wondered, 'Why did they all run away? Is Kevin really that terrifying?'

"Major General, would you like to choose your own dishes or shall I help you with it?" However, unlike the other soldiers, Lee remained calm upon seeing Kevin. Even his voice didn't show any trace of fear at all when he approached.

"Help me choose," said Kevin as he sat next to Leena. Feeling her staring at him made him look back at her too. He thought, 'I didn't expect her to get along that well with the soldiers.'

"Is there anything on my face?" Leena unwittingly touched the corner of her mouth. She felt her cheeks burned under Kevin's gaze. Thus, she silently thought, 'Do I have rice on my face or something?'

"No. You look great." The gentle smile that cracked Kevin's lips surprised all the soldiers who were still eating around them. Kevin had always been very strict with their training, thus, they were shocked to see him so gentle. He was like a different man when he was with Leena. The difference between how he treated the woman and them was just so evident that they could taste it in their food.

"They all seem to be afraid of you." Nevertheless, Leena seemed to be unaffected by all the attention when she looked at Kevin and sweetly smiled. The more she stayed in this place, the more she admired Kevin.

"And you? Why aren't you afraid of me?" joked Kevin while raising his eyebrows. He couldn't help but wonder about what happened to Leena today.

"Who told you that I'm not afraid of you? I'm always worried that you'll be angry," whispered Leena innocently. Little did Kevin know about the great pressure she was feeling whenever he was mad at her. It seemed that her fear of him unconsciously sprang from his career. He always looked so majestic, dignified, and intim

hed the corner of his mouth and thought, 'Ah! You all deserve it. Why did you guys stay here just to spy on the Major General anyway? You guys are already done with your dinner! Good luck to you all. May you guys survive the ten kilometers run in full combat gear you'll do tonight. Tsk! You guys are so screwed.'

"Umh... Kevin, do you still have a mission tonight?" Leena looked at Kevin's serious face doubtfully as she didn't get what he meant.

"What the Major General said is a punishment to the soldiers, Leena." It was Lee who answered her query. However, the poor soldier instantly received a warning glare from Kevin right after he explained. It was as if Kevin was telling him that he should have not said that.

"Why? They didn't do anything wrong. Why would you punish them?" asked Leena in an even more confused tone. Her eyebrows were even knotting as she stared at the man. 'I just had a good time with them. I don't want them to be punished, ' she thought.

"Did you guys hear that? You all should thank my wife. I won't punish you today." Kevin let out a defeated sigh and then looked at Leena. This was how much he adored his wife. Regardless of how hard he was as a person, one word from Leena could make him melt.

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