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   Chapter 1566 Visiting The Army Base (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5707

Updated: 2019-04-20 00:26

"Patricia, it's not just Tom. In fact, I act the same way around all my brothers. They are all the same to me, really. I have only ever considered them as my brothers," Leena said, furrowing her brows. She had a feeling that something was slowly changing, and she also wondered if she was behaving inappropriately around her brothers. Should she start keeping her distance from them, now that they were all married? Maybe that was the reason why Patricia had that ridiculous question. To be honest, if Patricia had known any better, she would have found that Leena was much closer to Edward and Rain than to Tom. But it was understandable, because Patricia was Tom's wife and she had probably only noticed her interactions with him.

"Leena, I was just curious. I didn't mean it in a bad way," Patricia said in a hurried tone. She didn't want Leena to misunderstand her. She had only asked out of curiosity, not to cause trouble or to warn her.

"Of course. I know you were just curious," Leena said with an understanding smile. It looked like she really didn't mind Patricia's doubts. But she was secretly thinking back if she was really behaving inappropriately around her brothers. After all, they were all married and now belonged to other women. They were not just her brothers anymore. Maybe she was just so used to the way she had been interacting with them that she hadn't realized that it might cause their wives to feel uneasy and suspicious. So maybe this should change from now on. She shouldn't be too close to them anymore.

Tom had a bad feeling when he saw the bitter smile on Leena's face. He knew that Leena's smile was just a farce to cover up what she was really thinking. He looked

g for her husband's reply. It was the first time that she was insisting something from him. She knew exactly why she was feeling sad after her lunch with Tom and Patricia, and she needed her husband's comfort more than ever.

Kevin raised his eyebrows in surprise when he heard Leena being so persistent. He had a feeling that she was not quite herself. Kevin was now really sensitive when it came to things that involved his little wife. "All right. I will have Lee go and get you when you arrive here," Kevin said softly.

"Okay! Go back to work now. I don't want to disturb you anymore." Leena finally smiled. She really wanted to go to him, and she looked forward to picking him up in the evening.

Kevin hung up, and was immersed in thought. 'Didn't she say that she was going to visit Tom at the hospital today? Why did she want to come here and pick me up? Besides, she sounded so weird, as if something was weighing on her mind.' He wondered if Tom had said something that might have worried her. He was curious and a bit worried. He disliked seeing Leena unhappy, and that was why he had agreed to let her come to the base.

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