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   Chapter 1562 How Time Flies (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6930

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"You are very smart, you slick girl!" Edward's mood lightened up. He planted a gentle kiss on Daisy's forehead and left with a roar of laughter.

"Sis Daisy, what happened to Edward? Was he beaten by something?" It sent a shiver down her spine at the thought of his actions towards her moments ago. No wonder so many women had gone crazy about him and thrown themselves at him. He had the natural charisma that had all kinds of women spellbound. Even she, herself, was almost entranced by him just now.

"Don't mind him. He was flooded and infested by dirty thoughts in his brain tonight." Daisy felt a little embarrassed, being caught fooling around with her husband.

"Daisy, is it the nature of men to be so shameless?" Thinking of how Kevin behaved towards her recently, Leena's face darkened.

"Probably. But it depends. Sometimes, it's normal for men to have dirty thoughts on their wives. But if he also acts like that to other women, then that would be something else. We call those men, assholes, jerks or pigs!" No one can be a real saint in this temporal world. Daisy could understand Edward's moments of uncontrollable desire towards her every now and then. They were a couple and they were supposed to be bound into one.

"Okay, I see. Daisy, I found that you have a thorough understanding of almost everything. I really admire you and you deserve my respect." Leena raised her head and looked up to Daisy who was a little higher than her, with admiring glances, "Don't worship me like that. The one you imagine in your head may only live in fantasies and the stuff of legends." Daisy couldn't help but laugh as soon as she finished her words. It was not her style to use the online buzzword in her remark.

"Ha!" Leena also laughed. Daisy's joke lightened up the mood and Leena felt less depressed.

"Well, Leena, how is everything with you? Are you still drinking the herbal medicine?" Daisy asked with concern while helping her brush away the petals which had fallen on her dress.

"Yes I am. Tom is still giving them to me. But don't tell

all on me!" Leena raised her eyebrows. When did she bully him? She just had verbal arguments with him.

"What? Are you afraid of him?" Daisy looked at her, amused. No wonder there were endless squabbles whenever they found themselves in the same room or the same place. It turned out that they had one thing in common, that both of them hadn't really grown up yet. It seemed that no matter how mature Leena acted in public, she was still a little girl inside. Her true innocent nature was just hidden and restrained by the bonds of marriage.

"Are you joking? It's impossible. Would Kevin really eat me up for this? It's so absurd." Leena said casually. She would never worry that Kevin would believe Justin and do something to her.

"Then what else are you worried about?" Let's go! I miss the baby already! I want to look at him all the time!" Daisy shook her head helplessly. The girlish manner that Leena occasionally behaved made Daisy want to love her and care about her as if she were her little sister.

Time went by. Good news about being pregnant came one after another from Leena's friends. But for herself, there were no signs of any conception. Although Tom proposed to check on her many times, she turned him down politely. She didn't want to pin too much hope on it. She just did what she could - secretly following the prescription that Tom ordered for her.

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