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   Chapter 1561 How Time Flies (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6727

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"Duke, I'm here." With his army uniform on, Kevin looked intimidating yet handsome, aggressive yet calm, looking special yet not sticking out like a sore thumb among the guests.

"Okay, good. I need your help. Go over to those gentlemen by the table and have a few glasses with them. I already drank too much. I don't think I can take another drop," Duke said while pressing on his temple. He really overdid it today.

"Okay, let me handle this." As a Major General, he was good at socializing. It was a piece of cake for him to deal with all kinds of people.

"Hey wait. No, you can't drink too much!" Leena blurted out. He just had a lucky escape from death several months ago. He might have not completely recovered yet. He still had to watch his alcohol intake.

"Don't worry. I know my limits." He gave her a reassuring smile. He knew that she was worried about his health, so he would not really take the risk and get into drinking games and challenges with other guys tonight.

"Can you do it? If not, I will get Rain to take your place. Where is Rain? That jerk, he's gone in the blink of an eye." Duke reeked of alcohol and his face was completely flushed. While he tried his best to stand straight, his intoxication was showing in the way he walked. He really drank a lot tonight.

"I'll go to find him and bring him back," Leena said with a sly smile. For the sake of her husband, she had no choice but to sacrifice Rain who was surely now hiding somewhere. But better him than Kevin.

"It's okay, Nana. I can do it. Like I said, if I feel that I'm close to my limit, I will stop, okay?" Kevin stopped her. It was rare for Duke to ask him for a favor. He didn't want to disappoint him, especially now that he needed him the most. That man was completely tanked!

"Okay! Then I'll go and look for Sis Daisy." Leena compromised at his insistence. She didn't want to be the wet blanket.

In fact, as soon as Daisy reached their mansion, she was dragged to a secret place by Edward. P

"If you were in my shoes, would you still be in the mood to continue? You did it on purpose, right? Did you follow us here? How much of our conversation did you hear?" Edward said, grinding his teeth. Then he leaned closer to Daisy and whispered in her ear, "Don't think that you have already gotten away with it. We can discuss this the whole night. As to the way how I discuss it, I think you don't need me to remind you. You know that."

Daisy gazed at him incredibly. Oh, no! Come again? They had crazy animal sex the whole night last night, and she still felt sore all over her body and especially down there.

Leena craned her neck, trying to listen in and trying to figure out what they were talking about. But she didn't hear anything. She complained to herself, 'Edward is too mean! He would not lose a piece of flesh even if I hear what he says.'

"Tell me, what did you hear?" Edward repeated with an ambiguous yet threatening tone as he turned around and leaned closer to Leena. This caught Leena off guard.

"What did I hear? Hmm. Did you say anything?" Edward's intimate gesture almost took Leena's breath away and made her heart stop beating. If he was not her brother whom she had always respected since she was young, she would definitely be captivated by him. Yes, Edward's attractiveness was of a different level.

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