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   Chapter 1560 A Celebration For Spencer (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6152

Updated: 2019-04-19 00:36

"You'd better put aside that silly and vulgar idea," was Rain's reply, with a sneer. He could tell from the twinkle in her eyes that she was making wild guesses. It was just typical of her to do that.

"Humph! Don't make it sound like you know what was on my mind!" Leena retorted with a grimace. The fact that Rain had seen right through her, annoyed her again. Because she did imagine him as a seasoned pro in child care just now, although it didn't really suit his image at all.

"What's the matter with Spencer? Why are you crying so hard, baby?" Belinda asked worriedly, hastening to them upon hearing her son's loud and continuous cry.

"Maybe my voice was too loud and it scared him, or maybe he feels hungry. I'm so sorry," Leena said in a low voice, feeling very embarrassed.

"I'll take care of him. Kevin has just arrived, why not go to him?" Belinda said, taking her beloved baby from Leena carefully. She became a bit more plump after giving birth, but it had only added to her radiant charm. She was attractive and maternal in a way that only a married woman could be.

"Oh, he got off early today," Leena said without taking her eyes off Spencer. Seeing him settle himself in the arms of his mother, Leena couldn't help but pinch his rosy cheeks gently. 'You ungrateful little rascal,' she thought to herself. 'I've been so nice to you, yet you would always cry in my arms. You know, you really embarrass me by turning tears into smiles once your mother's here.'

"Yeah, he arrived with Daisy," Belinda answered, kissing the baby on his chubby cheeks most lovingly.

"I'll go and find him then. See you, little snob!" Leena said. She pretended to be angry at her cute nephew and gave him a funny glare before leaving happily.

"What a silly girl. How could she take a child so seriously?" Belinda said, shaki

t her heart racing.

"A lot of people, especially friends have come today, huh?" Kevin looked around and found the place almost packed with people from the upper class. All were wealthy and respectable in society.

"Yes. Most of them are Duke's business partners. I'm sure he has struck a deal or two tonight. You owe them a lot, you know, as they have kept him occupied. He has been attending to the guests for nearly an hour, and I'm sure that he has no time for you." Leena said. This scene was very rare in Duke's home, for he was not much of a party person, and seldom held banquets. So this was also a rare opportunity for those snobbish social climbers and other bigwigs to suck up to Duke.

"Please come here, Kevin." No sooner had Leena finished speaking than she and Kevin both heard Duke's deep voice.

"Hello there! Okay, coming," Kevin replied at once. Before leaving, he narrowed his eyes and directed a meaningful look at Leena. 'Didn't you say that your brother WON'T notice me? How do you explain this now?'

Leena read it in his eyes. "You're out of luck, babe. Sorry about that," she shrugged and said, wondering why Duke called him over. After all, Kevin never liked dealing with business people.

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