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   Chapter 1559 A Celebration For Spencer (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5667

Updated: 2019-04-19 00:26

"Nice to see you again, Miss Lu, although I heard that you have also gotten married, is that right?" It had been told inside a few circles that Dorothy had married someone, but Leena didn't take it to heart when hearing about it. After all, there were always rumors flying around in the entertainment industry and you shouldn't believe any of the hype.

"Yes, I have," Dorothy had always wanted to marry into wealth, but once her dream came true, she found that life was not as good as she had imagined, not to mention that her husband was much older than her.

"Well, congratulations! I'm happy for you!" Leena said. Not knowing the truth about her situation, she congratulated her heartily.

"Thank you. But it's really nothing to celebrate. I have simply jumped from the frying pan and into the fire," Dorothy replied, allowing herself a bitter smile.

"You know, we all tend to envy others for their happiness, but chances are that others might be envious of our life, too. We just don't know it. We may all think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but one man's meat might be another man's poison. I bet you're leading a much better life than a lot of others! Why not try to soften your attitude towards it? Enjoy what you have, and I'm sure that you will find yourself a happy person," Leena said to comfort her, seeing the sadness in her eyes. She was not good at making flattering remarks to please others, but she did have the wisdom to help others see things in a positive way.

"You have married Kevin, your dream guy, who's both an excellent man and a thoughtful husband, it's only natural that you're so optimistic about life. But what my life looks

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Don't cry, my baby Spencer. You needn't worry. I'm scolding your cousin Justin, not you," Leena hurried to pacify the child, patting him gently. 'Now who did I piss off? Look what you've done, Justin!' She thought helplessly.

"You really think he can understand you and stop crying, silly girl?" Just then, Rain's voice came from behind her. Seeing Leena in a panic about pacifying the baby and keeping him from crying, he showed no intention to help at all. Instead, he took pleasure in it, and teased her. Clearly, he wanted to make fun of her, too.

"What's your advice then? Or you want to have a try?" asked Leena grumpily. 'Don't you see I'm like a cat on hot bricks? Shouldn't you at least give me a hand?' Leena thought exasperatedly.

"I won't be of much help since I'm not his mother. I would give him back to Belinda if I were you. If I'm not mistaken, he is now hungry," Rain replied with a wicked smile, his hands in his pockets, looking quite relaxed.

"Bravo, Rain! How did you know that?" Leena looked at him in surprise. 'Don't tell me you have had a child!' She thought secretly.

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