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   Chapter 1558 A Celebration For Spencer (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5369

Updated: 2019-04-18 03:49

Michelle burst into laughter "So you actually pay attention to your appearance now? What a surprise! From racer girl to the doctor's wife!" Michelle laughed her head off. She had never known Patricia to be an elegant lady all these times, and now she just expressed that she wanted to be one? She'd bet that she Patricia wasn't so elegant in the bedroom. That was just hilarious.

"Stop laughing," Patricia said with a frown. "Even someone like you began to pay attention to self image, for your man! I will be left in the dust by you two sooner or later if I don't do this." Patricia meant what she said. This was something she would never do if she had not met Tom. Now she felt that she could make any change for the man she loved. She wouldn't think that she was making a compromise because it was going to be worth it.

"I have only dressed a bit more formally. It's not a big deal!" Michelle replied, with a giggle. Michelle, too, felt that she could be all that Luke wanted. She had been used to dressing like a bad girl for years, but now she was willing to do away with that because Luke didn't like it. After falling in love, one would be surprised to find that it was quite easy to let go of the small trivial things. So as long as you pluck up your courage and start to make a difference, everything would most definitely get better.

"Speaking of which, why don't you also go and learn some cooking skills with Michelle?" Leena said to Patricia. She suddenly remembered that Tom had asked her to help Patricia improve her cooking, so she seized the chance and brought up the topic



It rained a lot in the spring, and as the rain fell, the weather gradually got warmer and everything in the surroundings came back to life. The trees, bushes and other plants started growing new buds and small colorful blossoms started to pop out everywhere. During this period, the fashion week was launched and it was a great success. Everything went well, except that Leena still hadn't gotten pregnant. She was still taking that bitter medicine secretly, and she had been more careful not to worry Kevin.

Leena was so much in love that she wished that time would stop at certain moments of happiness. But how time had flown. One day, out of the blue, she ran into Dorothy again. The moment Leena saw her, she noticed that she had changed a lot. The pure and innocent girl in her, seemed to have all but gone, showing a more mature lady. It seemed to Leena that she had a lot of stories to tell.

"Mrs. Gu! It's nice to see you again," Dorothy greeted. You could actually see a sophisticated woman in her now. She wasn't expecting to run into Leena, either.

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