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   Chapter 1556 Belinda's Delivery (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5385

Updated: 2019-04-18 03:12

"Uhh... It's nothing. Belinda happened to grab my hand while she was in labor pain. I'll recover soon enough," Leena reassured. Granted, her reactions in the past might have been exaggerated to a point where she wanted to die. But since she knew that she had been helpful when her sister-in-law was in labor pain, the bruises on her hand became more of a medal of honor that reminded her what she did that day.

"Did she endure so much?" Kevin asked, while blowing her hand softly. Although it didn't really do much to alleviate the pain, she was moved by his display of affection.

"I don't know," said Leena, putting on a rueful smile. "But she looked like she was in great pain." She thought to herself, 'Maybe it's the kind of pain I'll never get to feel.'

"Nana," Kevin said, noticing the change in her facial expression. "What do you want to eat? I'll buy you dinner." As he noticed that the topic was beginning to be too much for her, he decided it was time to talk about something else.

Leena wore a teasing smile, asking, "Are you sure you have the money?" Lee had told her that Kevin HAD donated his wages to the people who were affected by the natural disaster. On top of that, he had also given her his ATM card when she returned to him. She could only guess that he didn't have much money on him right now.

"Rest assured. I can afford us some street food," Kevin said with a confident smile. "As long as we don't go to some fancy restaurant, we're good." He wasn't embarrassed at all to admit it. With Leena, he could always be himself.

"Never mind that," said Leena, shaking her he

ished to see all the meat, Kevin wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. 'Does she think I'm a big eater or something?' he thought in amusement.

"But I'd like you to gain weight," he said casually. "Then you'll be soft to touch." His voice sounded as though he was only talking about the weather, so nonchalant, rather than overtly flirting with her.

"Oh really? I'll buy a sow for you," grinned Leena. "It will be softer to touch, I'm sure." Rolling her eyes at Kevin, she noticed that he was getting more and more cunning. He was starting to play mind games with her.

"I have no interest in sows. Only in you." He then winked at her, which absolutely startled the woman. Kevin had always been an upright man towards Leena, but at that moment, she realized that he had changed.

"Come on!" Leena said, avoiding his gaze. "Don't act like that." She didn't dare to look back at him, knowing his eyes were filled with desire at the moment. As they were in a public space, she didn't want to enable his behavior. Especially not when it contrasted his military uniform.

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