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   Chapter 1554 Belinda's Delivery (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6191

Updated: 2019-04-18 02:13

"I'll be there in 20 minutes. Please take care of her while I'm on the way," Duke requested. "Thanks, Leena!" Glancing at the road, Duke allowed himself to relax. It was, fortunately, not rush hour. So he didn't have to worry about being caught in a traffic jam. He would never forgive himself if he missed Belinda having the baby.

"You don't need to be so formal about it," said Leena kindly. She glanced at the clock. "Take your time and have a safe drive." As much as Leena wanted Duke to get there, the last thing she wanted to happen was for her brother to have a car accident. There was no contest; his safety mattered more than the doom of her hand in a pregnant woman's care.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine," assured Duke. "Is Belinda beside you right now?" Rubbing his brow briefly, he asked, "Can she talk to me?" All he could think about was how much his wife must be suffering at the moment, and he wished that he could be there beside her. 'If only teleportation was possible,' he thought grimly.

"Belinda, Duke wants to talk to you." The frown on Belinda's face disappeared as Leena put the phone against her ear.

"Duke? Duke!" exclaimed Belinda happily. "You're back!" It was all she could say to express her elation. Enjoying the good news, however, didn't last long as another round of painful contraction took over her body. In response, she squeezed Leena's unfortunate hand while clenching her teeth.

"Honey, wait for me. You're doing amazing," he said, hearing her whimper on the phone. "I'll be right beside you very soon." Her sharp breaths increased Duke's anxieties, making him step on the accelerator a bit harder. It was either the sound of his acceleration or his rattled voice, but somehow his wife's instinct was spot on.

"Drive slowly, Duke," said Belinda weakly. "I'm okay." Albeit, that wasn't c

ena's face was too pale for her own good.

"She needs to go to the delivery room now," the assistant instructed. Together, they helped the pregnant patient move towards the delivery room. If anyone saw them, it was almost comical to be surrounded by so many people as they walked.

"May I come in with her?" asked Duke with a hopeful expression. He hoped to be in the room with his wife, to hold her hand in support, as she gave birth to their child. There was no way he'd back down, now that he was there.

"Let him in," Tom said, sympathizing with the soon-to-be father. With eyes that glimmered in delight upon Tom's approval, Duke patted him on the shoulder appreciatively before returning to his wife's side. At that moment, the pregnant woman let go of Leena's hand to be enveloped in her husband's strong arms.

Exhausted, Duke entered the delivery room with Belinda. Right after the delivery, however, the new father swore that he would never allow his wife to get pregnant again. In his opinion, it was beyond terrifying! He couldn't bear to go through that again. And although Belinda didn't scold him or beat him like other women in labor would, she grabbed his hand so tightly that her nails pierced into his skin.

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