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   Chapter 1552 Do You Even Know What You Did (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7977

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"I know. It's my fault. I won't do it again." Leena admitted to her mistake modestly. She didn't want to argue, for that would only worsen things.

"Don't ever leave without telling us! We already have enough children to carry on the family line! Don't you ever worry yourself about that." Nathan threw her a chilly look before storming to his study.

"Look at him! He is just worried about you. He didn't mean to make it sound like a threat. Leave him be, Leena. He just doesn't know how to express his emotions." Shannon tried to ease the situation. She was surprised that Nathan had finally straightened out and changed his thoughts regarding Leena. What had made him compromise?

"I know he cares about me, Mom." It was fine that her father-in-law was upset. Leena was just relieved that he didn't make a fuss over her infertility.

"Good. Don't take what he said seriously." Shannon patted Leena on the shoulder, comforting her.

"I'll go and have a talk with him." Just like Leena, Kevin didn't expect his father to be so liberal this time. As his son, Kevin thought he should talk to him.

"Okay. Be nice. Don't piss him off." Shannon looked at Kevin with admiration in her eyes. She had never needed to worry about her son and hoped that she never would have to either, in the future.

Leena bit her lip, feeling uncomfortable. She knew she shouldn't have been so headstrong and run away from home. She had troubled so many people.

"Dad, are you all right?" Kevin asked Nathan with a hesitant look in his eyes. He stood respectfully at the end of his father's desk.

"As you can see, I'm very well." Nathan glared at his son. It was Kevin who wasn't all right. Why was his son asking him this question? He just left the hospital and hadn't even fully recovered yet.

"Thank you, Dad. Thank you for accepting Leena." Kevin knew it was hard for his father to make such a decision. He could understand what Nathan was going through.

"Yes, well. We are family. Besides, you're not my only child. Claire will have babies, won't she?" Truthfully, Nathan was disappointed, but he could do nothing about it. He had just resigned himself to the unpleasant fact of Leena's infertility. He wanted Kevin and Leena to be happy together. Infertility shouldn't become an obstacle in their marriage.

"Again, I want to thank you for understanding this." For the f

da's forehead was bathed in sweat. One could not tell if it was because of pain or nervousness.

"Okay. Tell me if you feel any pain. I'll drive you there." Leena took a deep breath. Everyone was at work except for her. She could not call anyone to help her out. Leena was in a state of panic, but she had to calm down to prevent any accidents. That would do them no good.

"Okay. Let's go," Belinda said. Her mouth twisted all of a sudden as she felt a burst of pain in her lower abdomen.

Leena drove cautiously. She paid attention to the traffic on the road and to Belinda simultaneously. In the process, Leena felt like her muscles had gone stiff.

"Belinda, call Tom and ask him to meet us at the gate of the hospital," Leena said to Belinda. She was driving so she dared not make the call herself.

"Oh, right! I almost forgot to do that. I'll call him up." Belinda felt relieved when the pain in her stomach ebbed away. She exhaled slowly and took out her phone.

"What about Duke? Should we call him too?" Leena proposed. When a woman gave birth to a child, she felt at ease in her husband's company. Leena was sure that Belinda would feel better with Duke there.

"He should be on the plane. He said last night that he would fly back today. He might arrive in an hour or so," Belinda said. She dialed Tom's number and told him that her baby was coming.

"Good. I was afraid he wouldn't make it." Leena was reassured to hear that Duke would come back soon. She sighed and slackened against the car seat. She wouldn't know what to do if Duke didn't arrive in time.

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