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   Chapter 1551 Do You Even Know What You Did (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8309

Updated: 2019-04-17 10:48

Kevin was quite strong because of his impeccable fitness regimen. With Tom's excellent medical expertise, he recovered quickly. He was up and about only a week later.

"Major General, the soldiers are wondering if they can come and visit you. You know, they are very worried about you." Lee traveled between the army base and the hospital every day to deliver documents to Kevin. The major general still had work to do, even though he was confined to his bed. However, his work was easier than usual.

"I'm very grateful for their kindness, but tell them not to bother. Inform them that I'm okay. They should focus on their training right now. I'll fully recover soon. I just need some time to recuperate." Kevin refused the soldiers' offer. They had good intentions, but Kevin was unwilling to keep them worrying.

"Okay. I'll tell them that. Would you like to read this document now?" Lee said, presenting the document bag in his hand. He didn't know what the document was about as the bag was sealed. Obviously, it was an important and confidential one. A guard such as him was not allowed to read it.

"Yes. Give it to me. Have the soldiers who went to the coastal city for earthquake relief come back yet?" Kevin was ashamed even as he voiced the question. He had been injured at a critical moment and could not give a hand in the earthquake-stricken area. However, the news that a major general was buried underground had caused quite a sensation. Everyone in the city was shocked.

"They will be back in a few days. The rescue has come to an end. As for the rest, the government will be responsible," Lee said respectfully. He did not want Kevin to burn the candle at both ends in concern.

"The local people must have suffered much from this earthquake. There is a bank card in my desk drawer. Donate all the money on it to them." What came from the people should be used to help the people. Kevin decided to donate his salary of recent years to the injured civilians.

"Major General, there is no need for that. Leena has already contributed quite a large sum of money to the cause," Lee said with a frown. As Kevin's bodyguard, he knew what card Kevin was talking about.

"What? Leena has made a donation? Of how much?" Kevin could hardly believe his ears. He didn't imagine that Leena would bother herself with the livelihood of these people.

"More than ten million. I went with her for the donation." For Lee, who came from the countryside, ten million was ast

ious to all. Everyone knew she was a good cook.

"Hehe. You know it's my virtue." Was she being cheeky? Not at all. It was not wrong to admit one's strong points.

Kevin watched the interaction between Leena and Tom affectionately but didn't join in. He knew his wife quite well, so he didn't need to express his personal opinions.

Half a month passed before Kevin recovered and left the hospital. He had not yet regained his full strength but it didn't hinder his work. However, he still couldn't undertake strenuous exercise.

He had promised his mother to take Leena to the capital city, so the day after he was discharged from the hospital, he boarded a flight with his wife. The trip was too long and arduous for him, so they chose not to travel by car, unlike before.

Shannon was very pleased to see the two of them back. Nathan was as pensive as ever, but as soon as he saw Leena, his face grew visibly softer. Still, it was obvious from what he said next that he was furious.

"Do you even know what you did?" Nathan's words were directed to Leena. His tone sounded more accusatory than angry or worried.

"Dad, sorry for worrying you." Leena looked down toward the floor. She was the one to run away from home in the first place, so it was only right that Nathan blamed her. He was her father-in-law. It was his right as an elder.

"Don't run away from home again. Be a better wife. Look how thin Kevin is!" Nathan didn't actually mean what he said. He had been anxious to death when Leena had run away, but now that she was here, he couldn't help but lay the blame on her. In truth, he just didn't know how to express his concern.

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