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   Chapter 1550 Stick To Kevin (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5572

Updated: 2019-04-17 09:10

"I will go back to the Capital City soon. You take care of yourself. I feel relieved that Leena is with you now. Your father needs me and I can't stay here too long," Shannon said. Just like any other old couples who had been with each other for far too long, they constantly complained about each other. However, it was known that their quirks were hardly about to change, so they were already used to each other's habits and were able to live around them. Because of this, now it would feel strange and uncomfortable when they left each other for too long.

"I know. I will bring Leena home to visit you after I recover." Before, Kevin was not the type of man who often felt homesick while he was on duty. 'Ambitious men aim far, ' as the saying went. Because of that mindset, he focused a lot more on his work and ignored his family--but it wasn't until he got married and had his own family that he realized how difficult it was to manage everything well in a family.

"Okay, but all those things should wait until you recover," Shannon said and then cast a few glances at Leena. She thought she needed to talk to her before she left.

"Kevin, I will do a physical check on you," said Tom. Although Kevin woke up later than he had expected, all his vital organs seemed to function well.

"Thanks!" Kevin said politely and sincerely.

"We are family, don't be too polite," Tom snapped chidingly at him as he looked over his body. Then, he began to check on his wounds to see whether they became inflamed.

"Leena, I want to take a walk in the garden, join me?" Shannon's voice cut through Leena's thoughts, and she looked at her with pleading eyes. She

d Apartment. It was the first time that she went home after she came back. The first thing she did was to take a good bath. All the things in the house just remained the same as they were before she left. She felt familiar with everything. Yes, it was home.

When she opened the wardrobe to get some clothes, her eyes almost stung with hot tears at the sight of the tags which she hung on the clothes with reminders she left for Kevin. She felt it was like a dream thinking of the several months when she was away. When she woke from the dream, she was still in the home, as if she had never left. Everything was so familiar as things remained just the same as they were.

The credit cards and the car keys she put in the drawer were still there, untouched. However, the Divorce Agreement was nowhere to be seen. She assumed that Kevin must have torn it into pieces. She knew him too well.

Since she had decided to come back, she would not leave again no matter what happened. From now on, she pledged her life to protect this family and stick to the man who loved her dearly, till death did them apart.

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